Executive chef Kazi Hassan returns to Hilton KL

The chef, who combines his penchant for exotic spices and aromatic flavours, once served at the same place during a prior 2-year stint


WITH 18 years of culinary experience from Australia, Middle East and Asia under his belt, executive chef Kazi Hassan is back at Hilton Kuala Lumpur (KL) to bring his skills that brought the hotel’s food and beverage (F&B) into the local dining scene’s spotlight.

Kazi’s return to take over the chopping boards is to refine the Hilton’s hospitality and lead exciting culinary initiatives to elevate the quality of experience at the Hilton.

Hilton’s regional GM for Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines Jamie Mead said: “We are excited to have chef Kazi back and are certain that his international experiences at top five-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants will see the development of stellar culinary initiatives.”

The chef, who combines his penchant for exotic spices and aromatic flavours with the freshest meats, vegetables and ingredients, once served at the same place during a prior two-year stint.

Kazi will be at the forefront of innovating an always-on F&B concept as his first official project at the much anticipated newly renovated Grand Ballroom when it launches.

The world-renowned chef and his team will be curating new versatile menus and food concepts for all F&B outlets, room services, banquets of all sizes and outdoor catering events — that is to appeal to everyone’s taste buds.

The Aussie is staying close to Hilton’s “Meet with Purpose” concept where the delicatessen will be promoting “Mindful Eating”, and as Kazi displays his expertise of delivering high-end flavours using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Malaysian breakfast burritos, banana oatmeal muffins and roti bakar are just part of the menu followed by live stations that have chefs dishing up specials such as Chynna’s Peking duck rolls, mini ABCs and serving freshly made coffee using Hilton KL’s bespoke blend.

When asked about how his previous experiences might benefit him, Kazi said: “During my tenure at Hilton Singapore and Hilton Colombo, I redesigned and relaunched a variety of F&B outlets.

Though at times I was taken out of my comfort zone, these opportunities allowed me to inject my own creative concepts and ideas into each location from inception.

“Hilton KL was where my South- East Asia journey began, and taking on the role as the executive chef presents me with numerous exciting projects ahead. I look forward to sharing my international culinary experiences with the team and growing together as a family.”

Kazi’s love for cooking was harnessed in Melbourne when he began his culinary journey in 2002, focusing only on large banquet operations.

Inspired by the world famous two Michelin-starred chef Jean- Georges Vongerichten, Kazi packed his knives and moved to the Middle East where he became the chef de cuisine at Market Restaurant.

Kazi returned to his homeland Australia after two years and became the executive sous chef at Sheraton on the Park Hotel until he departed on his South-East Asia adventure.