Now, try and ‘unsee’ that!

Literally bloody performance and “eye-popping” action at Annual song competition

pic credit: TV3

SOMETHING really scary was shown on TV last weekend. A young singer was pouring her heart out while profusely bleeding on stage!

At the beginning of her song, there was just a hint of red that seemed to trickle down her neck to her chest.

The “blood” then slowly spread down her white outfit, which looked more like yards of cheap cotton that were bunched up in several places (picture a person wearing several bolsters as part of her body adornment).

As the newcomer continued with several more verses before belting out the chorus, the “blood” kept oozing until almost half of her white costume was soaked.

Since the attention was given much on the “wardrobe malfunction”, the real message in her song seemed to be a little diluted too, one might have to add.

Naturally, the various social media platforms were inundated with comments and brickbats barely minutes after she ended her performance.

One individual even accused the young singer of promoting suicide.

Many also described the theatrics incorporated into the performance as a little too much.

“You should not sing when you’re having your period!” was one of the many funny and scathing comments.

Poor girl! All she wanted to do was perhaps be a little different and ballsy with her expression.

Some also said the gimmicky presentation was a rip-off of Lady Gaga’s performance at a certain awards show, while those who grew up in the 80s might be reminded of Sissy Spacek and the bloody scene in Carrie.

Well, needless to say, if the young star did it for attention, she got it. Big time!

The young singer was not the only “casualty” on that fateful evening. Another performer, a band rather, scared the audience alright when the lead singer appeared with a mask that is certainly not for the faint of heart.

It was pretty creepy. The mask had eyes popping out of the sockets! Come to think of it, it was rather cartoony too, as the masked lead singer did resemble one of those weird characters in “Mars Attack”.

Still, it was rather unnerving as the real message of the song seemed lost. If the Joker and Pennywise had children, they might look like the menacing extras and dancers who were part of the skit.

Someone once wrote that if social media is a circus, it is populated by mainly clowns. You might have come across a few of these clowns.

If you haven’t, you might just be one of them.

Right after the event (it was an annual song competition, by the way), all the clowns gingerly came out to play.

Some lauded the brave statements that were made by some of the performers, while many thought the station that promoted the show should have a clearer guideline of the do’s and don’ts during such a huge and important event in the music circle’s calendar.

One also has to admit that most of the stunts throughout the entire show were a little too gimmicky.

Those who are trained in the arts would tell you that a gimmick — a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade — is rather useless if it has no real function or reason.

And gimmicks were certainly aplenty that evening. Each performer seemed to be obsessed with crowding the stage with all sorts of props.

One singer stood on the moon and another brought the entire jungle on stage. There was also a cabaret moment, as well as a monologue by a seasoned actor in another item (in 2020?), while another singer brought his pregnant wife on stage for that extra mark.

Due to all the massive prop changes in between each song, viewers at home had no choice but to swallow all the unnecessary chatter by the three hosts who worked really hard to make everything seem seamless.

Still, it was, strangely, a rather enjoyable evening. A few hours without having to talk about the disasters (what coronavirus?) that is occurring all over the world as we speak…

Zainal Alam Kadir is the executive editor of The Malaysian Reserve.