Labuan launches ‘Best of Labuan Holiday Packages 2020’


LOCAL and foreign tourists wanting to visit the many attractions of Labuan can now have a pick of any of the “Best of Labuan Holiday Packages 2020”.

The tourism package launched on Saturday night by Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik in conjunction Visit Malaysia 2020 is aimed at marketing the duty-free island’s attractive spots.

It comprises at least 50 packages with a range of activities provided by 15 travel agents and product owners in Labuan to attract tourists.

These include holiday packages offered by hoteliers and resort operators, island holiday packages with snorkelling, sea sports and recreational activities, as well as homestays in Kg Bukit Kuda, and the water villages of Kg Patau-Patau II and Sungai Labu.

Labuan Corp CEO Dr Fary Akmal Osman (picture) said deep-sea fishing activities namely the Labuan Fishing Day Tour at the not-fully-explored Vernon Bank and Semarang continue to be the attraction for anglers and tourists hooked on fishing.

She added that there are also the World War II wrecks which will attract professional and amateur divers as these diving sites are considered havens with schools of fish and rare marine life.

Fary also said the 18-hole Labuan International Golf Club, which has been used as training ground for professional Korean golfers, is also another tourism product in the package.

“With the close cooperation of the hoteliers who offer attractive and reasonable rates, we are optimistic of being able to cater for the influx of both domestic and foreign travellers,” she said.

Apart from the publication of the “Best of Labuan Holiday Packages 2020” brochures, Labuan Corp has distributed the Labuan Tourism Event Calendar 2020 since December last year to all industry players, corporate and private sectors, tourists and members of the public.

This calendar can also be accessed through its official website (www. and www.labuantourism. my.Bernama