PCOM: Malaysia can lead in Palestinian cause following ‘deal of the century’


THE Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia (PCOM) called on Malaysia to play a leading role in mobilising other nations to support Palestine’s struggle following the revelation of the Middle East Peace Plan on Tuesday.

The Malaysia-based independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) also called upon all freedom-loving nations to stand by the right of Palestinians to have their own sovereign and independent state.

“It is high time the whole international community recognises a free and independent Palestine in defiance of this unjust American plan.

“We call Malaysia under the courageous leadership of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to play a leading role in mobilising Muslim and non-Muslim nations in this long struggle for a free and sovereign Palestine,” it said in a statement.

PCOM also called upon all Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states to summon their efforts to support the Palestinian people in the face of the new phase of aggression and occupation.

It said the unjust and biased plan, dubbed as the “Deal of the Century”, was immediately rejected by all Palestinians — including its leadership and all major Palestinian political factions and NGOs.

“Therefore, we stress on the need for responsible and courageous positions to confront the unjust (US President Donald) Trump proposal through mobilising Palestinian masses and escalating all forms of resistance against Israeli occupation,” it said.

On Tuesday, Trump announced the plan, among others, stating that Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided capital and that the US will recognise Israeli sovereignty over territory that Trump’s plan envisages being part of Israel.

PCOM said the plan proposes the creation of a small dysfunctional Palestinian state over a small portion of historic Palestine, with its capital erected on parts of Eastern Jerusalem.

The organisation said according to this plan, the rights of over six million Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland will be replaced with some superficial measures to compensate them and absorb them into other nations.

PCOM said since 1948, the Israeli occupation authorities tried hard to lay the Palestinian issue to rest, but have failed miserably due to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the continuous support of their friends worldwide.

“For this new attempt on the Palestinian issue to be thwarted, we all have to stand united in the face of this unjust Zionist deal,” it said.