Petronas launches webfilm ‘Bao Bei’ for CNY celebration


PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has launched its first webfilm of the year titled “Bao Bei”, themed “Our Unique Family”, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations, with the official hashtag #StoriesOfJoy.

“Bao Bei”, which loosely translates to “precious blanket”, symbolises both a fresh start and the beginning of Petronas’ journey into a new realm of storytelling that showcases non-human characters to evoke the audiences’ emotions.

The webfilm is told through the perspective of pieces of fabric, each representing a family member. These colourful characters come together in a “family reunion” to form a patchwork blanket, lovingly woven together by the grandmother as a gift to the family’s new bundle of joy.

“Petronas is excited to introduce this year’s festive theme, ‘Our Unique Family’.

“In ‘Bao Bei’, we are highlighting the most common source of joy — our family, which can either be the family we are born into, or the family we choose,” the firm’s group strategic communications senior GM Zahariah Abdul Rahman said in a statement.

She said it does not take much to bring joy into someone’s life and a simple act of love can be a person’s biggest source of joy.

“We would like to invite Malaysians to reflect that our differences are like patches of fabric that are woven together to bring joy to the family. As Malaysians, we are one big family regardless of our differences.”

The two-minute 12-second webfilm can now be viewed on Petronas’ official social media channels. The 60-second commercial version will be aired on TV from Jan 19 to Feb 1, and in cinemas from Jan 23 to Feb 5, 2020.