RHB helps customers activate DuitNow over-the-counter

Many are still unaware that this convenient way of transfer is available by just a one-time registration

by TMR/ pic credit: rhbgroup.com

RHB Bank Bhd is offering over-the-counter registration for DuitNow at its branches nationwide, making it the first bank in Malaysia to offer the service.

DuitNow is an online banking service which allows customers to send and receive funds between banks using their mobile or identity card (IC) numbers without the need for bank account numbers.

However, many are still unaware that this convenient way of transfer is available by just a one-time registration which can be done online for those who are already Internet banking customers.

RHB head of group retail banking Rakesh Kaul in a statement said: “We are pleased to promote and assist in the adoption of cashless payment services to an even wider audience, especially the underserved. By assisting our customers to activate DuitNow at our branches nationwide, we are making it easier for them to undertake their banking transactions and this further encourages financial inclusion within communities in which we operate in.”

Meanwhile, Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet), which operates DuitNow, said customers are often reluctant to divulge their bank account numbers for security reasons.

“With DuitNow, all that is needed is either the mobile number or IC number and if they are businesses, the business registration or company number. Best of all, making transfers of up to RM5,000 are free for retail, and small and medium enterprises. The move by RHB in encouraging registration at its branches is a very positive step in expediting cashless transactions,” said Paynet group CEO Peter Schiesser.

RHB has been actively driving awareness on the benefits of DuitNow through various campaigns such as “DuitNow & Win Campaign”, “DuitNow Angpow Campaign” and “DuitNow to Win e-Scooter & Cash Rewards Campaign”. The bank currently has approximately half a million registered DuitNow users, with transactions amounting to RM135 million recorded between January 2019 and November 2019.