myFreeview digital TV to run maintenance work

by S BIRRUNTHA / pic source:

MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd will run a maintenance work in its efforts to upgrade broadcast quality from myFreeview digital television (TV) broadcast.

In a statement yesterday, the broadcasting network said this work will involve restacking broadcast frequencies and it will take place in stages.

It added that the work to restack the frequencies will start from 1am to 6am on Jan 6.

“Changes in frequency are in line with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s blueprint of reallocating the 700MHz band for the usage of expanding broadband and 5G services.

“MyFreeview digital TV broadcast signals through two frequencies from each transmission station.

“This process will involve changing a single or both frequencies from the transmission station affected in this exercise,” it said.

The change of frequency will involve the Gunung Raya, Langkawi transmission station’s second frequency.

According to the network, the Gunung Raya transmitter’s second frequency will be changed to its new frequency of 43 (650MHz) from the previous 49 (698MHz).

To avoid disruption in their broadcast, viewers of myFreeview digital TV will have to re-scan their decoders or integrated digital television (IDTV) to receive the new frequencies. Viewers are encouraged to re-scan their decoders or the IDTV automatically.

If a manual re-scan is required, viewers can refer to the list of new frequencies on the MYTV Broadcasting’s website.

More information on this exercise will be updated through MYTV’s Facebook page and website.