Prudential Malaysia tells story of intergenerational differences in CNY video

The video is inspired by the attitudes of millennials and how they are described as a misunderstood generation


PRUDENTIAL Assurance Malaysia Bhd’s Chinese New Year (CNY) video depicts a tale of intergenerational expectations, filial piety, authenticity and individuality.

Titled “Noodle Noob”, the video was launched to the public yesterday.

Noodle Noob features the owner of a humble noodle restaurant attempting to teach and pass down ancestral secrets of the art of noodle-making to his teenage son.

Despite many attempts, the son fails at making the noodles causing feelings of disappointment in his father. Yet, the reserved son begins to apply his digitally-driven and innovative mindset to the situation, taking on a twist towards the end of the video.

In the making of this video, Prudential Malaysia drew inspiration from the attitudes of millennials and how they are described as a misunderstood generation. The disconnect and frustration come from the misunderstanding between generations and in which millennials and Generation Zs are expected to follow the same path their parents did and live by the same set of principles, and any deviation from this, is considered wrong.

Prudential Malaysia chief brand officer Fiona Liao said: “Millennials and the newer generations grow up with digital technology and social media. In every aspect of their thinking and living, there will always be an element of technological innovation to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. They are also known to have a sense of selflessness that leads them to be engaged in social action that makes a difference, often with the help of the Internet.

“This is the insight that has inspired the video. Millennials may do tradition differently, but this does not mean they do not respect or honour it. Every generation has their own set of qualities, core values and strengths to bring to life.”

The main cast features the restaurant owner/father performed by local actor Kenji Sawahii, the teenage son played by Bosvin Chen and the youngest cheeky daughter played by Isabelle Tan.

Keeping true to its theme of authenticity, Prudential Malaysia worked with a homegrown noodle sifu on set to teach both the director and talents the proper way of making noodles, and the sifu was on set during its filming to ensure it was done correctly.

Liao added: “The video ends with a saying — every gift becomes a blessing when you do something about it. This Chinese New Year, we encourage all Malaysians to do something about whatever matters most to them. Be it health, family, wealth or happiness, if it matters to you, do something about it. Happy Chinese New Year from the people that do.”

The video is available on Prudential Malaysia’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.