Start-ups pitch ideas at Maxis’ Market Access Day


FIVE minutes were all they had to sell their innovative business ideas, potentially securing an opportunity of a lifetime. Some 100 startups took the stage at Maxis Market Access Day, the nation’s largest pitching session to date, showcasing and presenting their ideas to approximately 70 of Malaysia’s leading corporations, venture capitalists and angel investors at APW Bangsar recently.

They included the likes of Ernst & Young, Golden Gate Ventures and Astro to name a few.

Maxis chief digital and transformation officer Rob Sewell said: “We had one key objective in mind for Maxis’ Market Access Day, which was to connect businesses looking to grow, expand and be equipped to ‘always be ahead’.

“We were thrilled by the response we received, which went to show the shared mindset in accelerating innovation and digital transformation together. This is a platform which brought together innovators in technology that is becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives — from big data and analytics and fintech to proptech, e-commerce and the Internet of Things. We are sure today sparked new conversations and future partnerships that will develop into something great.”

Maxis’ Market Access Day provided a platform to connect disruptive technology-enabled start-ups looking to enter the Malaysian market with corporate, in hopes for business matching and networking opportunities. Among the 100 present included Pre-Series A start-ups, Dropee, Lapasar, RED ANGPOW and many more.

They also had the opportunity to showcase their products and services in an exhibition that was open to the public throughout the day long event.

Dropee business development and market head Alia Alsagoff said: “We are amazed that Maxis managed to pull in the start-up ecosystem under one roof. We are hoping to push for more industry collaborations between Dropee, our start-up friends and the corporates attending this event. We hope with this initiative, investors will be able to make our dream of powering global B2B (business-to-business) trade, one business at a time, come true.”

Meanwhile, Athirah Arshad from Lapasar said it was exciting to see many alternatives of digitising or modernising traditional products and services.

“With this event, we hope startups will be able to create more partnerships to open new markets and increase awareness for corporates to move toward digitalisation,” she added.

Maxis’ Market Access Day is a partnership between Malaysia Digital Economy Corp, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre, Malaysia Business Angel Network and Startupmamak. An exclusive pitch coaching session was also offered to shortlisted startups by Startupmamak.

For more information on the event, visit events/maxis-market-access-day/.