Sharp previews AIoT, 5G network technology solutions at conference

The Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference showcased the application of technology in a complete ecosystem


SHARP Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd recently gave a preview of a complete ecosystem of solutions applying Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), 8K resolution displays and 5G network technology for homes and businesses at the Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference.

Sharp Malaysia MD Robert Wu also introduced the company’s philosophy — “Changing the World with 8K + 5G + AIoT”.

“Rooted with experience spanning over 35 years, we are driven to innovate and transform homes and businesses and help them thrive.

“Our approach at the Sharp Smart Connected 2020 Conference is to showcase the application of technology in a complete ecosystem, which will greatly help the industry gain a wider perspective of the benefits these innovations bring,” he said.

Sharp also hosted the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission at the event, which is held in conjunction with the electrical and electronic pioneer’s 35th anniversary celebration.

MITI Deputy Minister Dr Ong Kian Ming said digital transformation is taking the world by storm with the Industry Revolution 4.0 adoption, the dawn of cashless societies and AI.

“Malaysia too is hard at work with concerted efforts in enhancing our digital infrastructure to accommodate higher speeds of connectivity and efficiency.

“The success of Malaysia’s digital transformation is dependent on the collaborative effort by both the public and private sectors,” he said.

He added that Sharp should be commended on its efforts as a frontrunner with 108 years of innovations and driving the conversation about out-of-the-box applications using different technologies.

“We hope more brands continue to push the envelope in innovating solutions for the benefit of industry and society as a whole,” he said.

Among the highlights of the conference included the preview of Malaysia’s first 8K + 5G lab by the company, which will serve as an education hub for the industry and education institutions to immerse visitors in a complete 8K technology ecosystem.

The ecosystem itself is made up of 8K multi-screens, mini-cinema and a micro studio to develop 8K live streams.

The lab will be the test bed for case studies on the 8K technology in enabling big data transfer and high-resolution displays to benefit industries such as business, entertainment, education, medical and tourism.

As a pioneer in the technology, an 8K Visit Malaysia 2020 promotional video is also expected to be launched soon, as a collaboration between the Malaysia Tourism Promotional Board and Sharp to highlight popular destinations around the nation.

Sharp also introduced new smart solution ecosystems for offices and classrooms in Malaysia, including the Smart Technologies Interactive Board which is actively being used in over three million classrooms globally, the C-Cube Multifunction Printer, Interactive Whiteboards, and Smart Signages.

At the conference, Sharp also showcased the capabilities of its Smart AIoT Home powered by devices with the ability to communicate with other smart appliances and help homeowners run the household.

For instance, its AIoT kitchen demonstrated the smart fridge’s capability in managing home groceries, and proposing recipes for the homeowner based on available contents.

A smart washer prompting the owner on the appropriate time to do the laundry, based on the weather was also displayed.