Canapés with a view, 50m in the air

Lounge in The Sky could be just what the many tourists are looking for and will definitely not disappoint


IMAGINE sitting 50m above the ground on a platform, sipping cocktail and nibbling delightful little canapés, while enjoying the scenic sweeping lit sky of Kuala Lumpur (KL) at dusk.

A session with Lounge in The Sky gives you just that. A collaboration between TwoSpicy Entertainment Live Sdn Bhd and Elements KL, the attraction was recently launched in Malaysia, making it the very first in Asia and the only one to be currently in operation globally.

The project was conceptualised for those who are looking for a more exciting experience, one that pushes the experience to even greater heights.

TwoSpicy Entertainment CEO Arvin Randahwa said the group was already in the business of creating new experiences and it was the perfect time to launch this new one.

“We’ve already been in the market for experiences like this — namely through Dinner in The Sky, Le Petit Chef, Whimsy and Plane in The City.

“So, we thought that the launch would be apt now, especially in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020 that would begin soon,” he told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) recently.

Lounge in The Sky offers 3 types of packages — the standard, business and first-class, with the menu being the differentiator

The Lounge in The Sky is currently parked at TREC KL, a well-known entertainment venue lined with bars and restaurants.

“Our location is right in the heart of KL. With the amazing view of the twin towers, it is sure to be a hit among domestic and international tourists,” Arvin said.

He said the attraction could be just what the many tourists are looking for and will definitely not disappoint.

Arvin said each experience will last for about 40 minutes and it is very safe. The platform was flown in from Belgium and assembled locally. Guests are strapped in securely before being lifted off by a crane and suspended in the air to enjoy the view and canapés served.

According to Arvin, Lounge in The Sky offers three types of packages — the standard, business and first-class, with the menu being the differentiator.

“This experience will differ according to the menu offerings, as well as the champagne packages. It is not a full dinner but rather canapés and drinks. Champagne can be added on as well for a different price,” he said.

He added the platform has the capacity to host up to 32 people on board with eight staff to prepare drinks and canapés. Yes, it also includes a live singer.

“The platform can be converted into an event space, be it for a small wedding or fashion show. Stages can be added on. That’s the whole idea here — that whatever is done on a stage usually can now be done in the air,” Arvin said.

Individuals from the entertainment industry and the media had the opportunity to give it a go last month on a rainy night, conquering fears of heights, while attempting to marvel at the skyline.

Interestingly enough on that night, the platform had to be lowered to the ground after being hoisted up to allow one guest to get off, a first-ever, Arvin said.

Besides tasting delicious canapés like a salmon mousse-filled mini waffle cones, stuffed mushroom pastry and sweet mini tartlets, guests were entertained by local singer-songwriter Poova Plachciak who belted out favourites from the 70s and 80s.

Canapés and drinks are catered by Elements KL, a restaurant that aims to be the lifestyle hub for areas relating to food and entertainment.

Its CEO Balraj Singh Pannu told TMR the special niche the group is currently focused on is experiential dining.

“Our interest is to actually conceive digital business models, where we can take a concept and run it across countries and other locations. Some of the experiences have been taken to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Now, we’ve found a place in KL where we can host it and continuously improve our products,” he said.

An example of a well-received concept created by both the groups is Le Petit Chef, an innovative dining experience using a 3D experience which projects a live show of the chef cooking onto guests’ plates.

It has been a feature in cities like London, Stockholm, Toronto and Cologne.

Balraj said the experience is about to be launched at Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt Hotel & Residences, Banyan Tree in Phuket and The Ritz Carlton in Doha.

“It is interesting to scale the idea…It is also a privilege because each country will run the idea differently and this is an opportunity for us to cross-pollinate and share ideas.

“We want to move from a buying-selling model to a revenue sharing one, to be able to partner people who can provide the right infrastructure, while we focus on the digital side,” he said.

Balraj said the group will be looking into bringing the idea to China next year, and will be on the lookout for new partners.

“Since China is so large, we will need a nationwide strategy. We definitely see a huge potential there, it will be up to the creativity of our partners to come up with the next new and exciting thing.

“In the future, we aim to see every major capital city with two or more products of ours with long-term collaborations,” he said.

Meanwhile, in addition to the plans to double locations next year, Balraj said he would like KL to be the home base where both groups can showcase their best assets and receive people to train.

“One of the longer term goals is to create different experiences and move in that direction. We will definitely start with what we have for now, but we are already working on the next products. So once the interest fades from this one, we will have something new waiting,” Balraj said.