Taylor’s partners Bloomberg for real-time trading on campus


TAYLOR’S Business School launched its Trading Room, a teaching and research facility.

Through this move, the business school is equipping its students with real-world finance application within the walls of the classroom and providing them access to real-time platforms utilised by bankers, traders and brokers through simulation.

Taylor’s University deputy VC and chief academic officer Professor Dr Pradeep Nair said Trading Room, conceptualised in collaboration with Bloomberg, is an effort to bring the learning and professional setting experience closer, preparing work-ready graduates.

“We are pleased to partner with Bloomberg as we believe that quality and innovation in learning should grow in tandem with advances in technology today. It lies in our core to fully immerse students in a comprehensive education framework to produce capable and experienced business graduates, who could potentially serve the community as global leaders in the future,” he said.

The Taylor’s Trading Room fully integrates the Bloomberg Certificate in its curriculum, achieving the Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP) status. The Bloomberg ELP status is designed to recognise academic institutions that are leaders in experiential learning through the integration of Bloomberg terminal exercises in their curricula.

The room is equipped with 16 units of fully functional Bloomberg terminals, combining high-tech technology, an authentic teaching environment and world class-resources.

Pradeep said the ELP status and the Bloomberg Certificate will be an added advantage for students, as the recognition will set them apart as they can experience the same real-time data and historical time series analysis in all markets, including foreign exchange, derivative, equity and fixed income.

“Students can explore first-hand experience of market concepts and behaviours through simulated investing and analysis of market opportunities. With this new addition, we have established an excellent career-building tool upon graduation, which sets them up for a bright future in the finance sector,” he added.

Although financial organisations are painting themselves as media-savvy and digital-centric, they are still experiencing a shortage of highly skilled candidates.

Following this, employers are starting to look for candidates who possess self-promotion and training as essential to the enticement of the younger generation.

Bloomberg Malaysia representative Ritesh Bagaria said beyond education, practical experience and knowledge are what employers prioritise when hiring graduates.

“We fully support Taylor’s University in their mission to provide learning beyond the classroom — from just theory to real-life practice. This experience is valuable and will give them an advantage upon stepping into the workforce with this added experience,” he said.