Govt to help start-ups play bigger roles in digital economy


THE government is eager and actively working to assist start-up companies, especially those in the tech industry, to reach global heights and to benefit in the country’s digital economy.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said this is done through the Global Acceleration and Innovation Network (GAIN) programme led by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC).

“It is very important for us as a government, to play a role in hearing the needs of these start-ups and how we can help ensure that they are going in the right direction in terms of reaching the global market. Most of the homegrown tech companies under the GAIN programme are made up of young people, so we want to jointly see their success in achieving exceptional results.

“Together with this, I also call for more participation from the government-linked companies, as they also stretch across different sectors and are involved in many different spectrums.

“We need to encourage more sessions like GAIN to demonstrate that in Malaysia itself, we have talents that can give a global impact,” he said in a media briefing during GAIN’s discussion and showcase event in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Gobind added that the growing start-ups today need to understand the challenges and brace themselves to face the future of Industry 4.0.

“People need to understand that using the infrastructure that we have today, we need to be able to empower our businesses, so that we are ahead of technological challenges in years to come. When we speak of those challenges, it is very important for the government to hear their problems and play a role in helping these companies to perform better.

“Of course, through this GAIN programme, I am amazed to see how some of the start-ups today are just five years old, but already competing with global industry players,” he said.

Meanwhile, MDEC CEO Surina Shukri said its role as an agency is to unleash talents and it has also recognised many women founders who are successful and having key leadership roles.

“I also have to highlight that each individual founder here uses technology to grow themselves. Some of them use drone technology to solve problems and I think that’s where market and opportunities open.

“So, for all the aspiring founders out there, the technology part is easy and vital when you can use them to solve your customer’s problems. From our side, we will continue to do our work and we are here to support the champions of technology and identify your full potential,” she said at the event.

The GAIN programme was established by MDEC in 2015 to assist selected Malaysian-based companies to scale up quickly and go global.

Presently, there are 150 companies participating in the programme, spanning the sectors of cloud, big data, Internet of Things, e-commerce, cyber security, drone, robotics, finance and financial technology.

During the discussion, MDEC recognised and appreciated five local companies namely Aerodyne, Soft Space Sdn Bhd, GHL Systems Bhd, Securemetric Bhd and MyBiz Solutions Sdn Bhd on their global recognitions.

Moving forward, MDEC is looking into innovation and funding capacity in Japan and the US, as well as greater market immersions into the Middle East, India, China, Eastern Europe and Australia.