Prudential BSN Takaful introduces savings plan to help Malaysians meet goals

Majority of working-age adults across the nation lack savings to cover their emergency needs

by TMR

PRUDENTIAL BSN Takaful (PruBSN) has launched PruBSN Aspirasi, a family takaful savings plan that combines savings, life protection and investment growth opportunity to meet customers’ financial goals and aspirations.

Studies have shown that Malaysians today are facing financial risk due to their low levels of savings. The majority of working-age adults across the nation lack savings to cover their emergency needs, what more to fulfil their medium- to long-term goals such as paying their children’s education and accumulating funds for retirement.

PruBSN CEO Nor Azman Zainal said: “PruBSN Aspirasi is designed in response to findings from recent surveys that highlight Malaysians’ lack of financial readiness to secure their future needs. PruBSN Aspirasi provides our customers with a steady stream of income as well as to grow their funds for the long run; whether it is to supplement their retirement nest egg, pay for their child’s education or fulfil their other life aspirations.”

PruBSN Aspirasi provides a cash pay-out from the end of the second certificate year and annually thereafter, and which increases from the 11th and 21st certificate year until maturity. Upon maturity of their certificate, customers will receive an additional pay-out and enjoy potential upside returns on their investments from PruBSN’s range of local and global Shariah- approved investment funds.

Customers may choose to transfer the cash pay-out directly to their preferred savings account or continue accumulating their cash pay-out with the company’s range of funds until maturity for a more enduring reward.

The plan also provides basic life coverage which indemnifies customers in the event of a loss of life or total and permanent disability (TPD), and twice the basic sum covered for death or TPD due to accidental causes. Further death benefit of RM3,000 will help ease the family’s burden to pay for funeral expenses.

Built with flexibility in mind, subscribers can choose their coverage term of 15, 20, 25 or 30 years, and contribution payment term of five, 10 or 20 years.

PruBSN Aspirasi also offers guaranteed acceptance (subject to terms and conditions), which means no medical underwriting is required, to ease the process of signing up for the plan. For a more resilient protection plan, customers can attach a wide selection of riders available to their basic plan.

PruBSN’s chief marketing officer Wan Saifulrizal Wan Ismail said: “We understand that everyone’s financial goals serve very distinct purposes and we want to empower our customers to decide how they want to achieve their aspirations. With PruBSN Aspirasi, customers have the autonomy in deciding how long they wish to pay for their contribution and when they would like to receive their certificate maturity pay-out.

“Forward financial planning and regular savings can have a great impact on your long-term success and security. If you are not sure how to begin, seek out advice from our takaful consultant to improve your understanding and formulate a financial strategy that fits you and your values. It’s better to be prepared than be surprised.”

Beginning Nov 29 until Dec 13, 2019, both PruBSN customers and non-customers can stand to win cash rewards up to RM2,000. All they need to do is follow PruBSN’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts, share their life aspirations in the comment section of PruBSN Aspirasi’s post and include the #WeDoAspirasi and #PruBSNAspirasi hashtags.

More details about PruBSN Aspirasi and its supplementary plans are available at For free takaful consultation, contact 03-20537188 or email to [email protected]