Flood evacuees in Kelantan, Terengganu increase to over 15,000 this morning


The number of flood evacuees in Kelantan and Terengganu continues to increase to 15,126 involving 4,901 families this morning.

In KELANTAN, the number increased to 10,207 people as at 8am today from 10,078 last night.

The Info Bencana JKIM application showed that Pasir Mas district recorded the highest number of evacuees with 5,751 people (2,268 families) still seeking shelter at 28 relief centres.

This is followed by Kuala Krai with 1,075 evacuees (265 families) at 16 centres, Pasir Puteh 826 evacuees (219 families) at eight centres and Kota Bharu 733 evacuees (209 families) at five centres.

In Tanah Merah 642 evacuees (179 families) are at 13 centres, 619 evacuees (190 families) at three centres in Tumpat and 203 evacuees (61 families) at six centres in Machang.

Meanwhile in Jeli 179 evacuees (45 families) are at two centres and another 179 evacuees (44 families) are in two centres in Bachok.

The ebanjir.kelantan.gov.my website showed that the level of Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang dropped by 0.3 metres to 10.58 metres from 10.61metres last night. However this is still above the nine metres danger point.

Its level in Kuala Jambu was at 3.21 metres, still above the danger level of 2.5 metres.

Three rivers which have exceeded the warning point were Sungai Golok in Jenob at 22.74 metres (22.5 metres), Sungai Kelantan at Jambatan Guillemard recorded 15.5 metres (14 metres) and Sungai Kelantan in Kuala Krai at 23.38 metres (22.5 metres).

Meanwhile three rivers have breached the alert level, Sungai Lebir in Tualang at 29.94 metres (27 metres), Sungai Galas in Dabong at 33.40 metres (32 metres) and Sungai kelantan in Tambatan Diraja at 3.86 metres (3 metres).

No closure of major roads was reported and the floods have so far claimed two lives.

In TERENGGANU the number of evacuees increased slightly to 4,919 people (1,421 families) this morning from 4,908 (1,425 families) last night. The evacuees are at 120 centres in eight districts.

State Civil Defence Force director Lt Col Che Adam A Rahman said Kuala Terengganu was the latest district to be hit by floods last night and currently 22 evacuees (four families) are at a centre near Manir.

“Besut, remains to be the worst affected area, with the number of centres unchanged at 51 where a total of 1,879 evacuees from 503 families are being placed.

“Meanwhile Setiu recorded a drop to 1,406 evacuees (398 families) at 26 centres from 1,435 evacuees (408 families) last night. The situation in Hulu Terengganu remains unchanged, with 889 evacuees (331 families) at 16 centres,” he said.

In Dungun, there was a slight increase with 410 evacuees (106 families) at 15 centres as compared to 403 victims (108 families) last night.

Similarly in Marang, the number of evacuees rose to 129 evacuees ( 27 families) at five centres, from 121 evacuees (26 families) last night. In Kuala Nerus, the number also increased to 160 (46 families) in four centres from 157 evacuees (43 families) last night.

Meanwhile, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage via the http://publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my/ portal reported that only the Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap had exceeded the danger level of 21 metres this morning, at 21.23 metres.

In JOHOR, the number of evacuees in Batu Pahat remained at 52 as at 8am today.

Johor Local Government, Urban and Environmental Welfare Committee chairman Tan Chen Choon said the 13 families are from Kampung Parit Betong, Kampung Parit Abdul Hadi and Kampung Parit Ju.

All evacuees are being sheltered at Sekolah Agama Seri Comel, which had opened since Sunday evening.

According to him water level at the inundated areas had dropped.