amnimo sense Partners with TK International to Launch Beta Version of its Service

TOKYO-based amnimo, Inc. (“amnimo”) and TK International Sdn. Bhd. (“TKI”), an IT solutions provider in Malaysia, have collaborated to package a suite of features necessary from installation to operation of the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT).

The two companies have begun offering the package in Malaysia on November 7, 2019, as amnimo sense beta (“amnimo sense”), an IoT service for the industry available in installments from as little as one month, for ease of use and implementation.

The partnership is aimed to make amnimo sense a service that is constantly improved and advanced in collaboration with customers.

IoT is a framework for the exchange of information among a wide range of objects by connecting them to servers and cloud services over a network. In recent years, companies
and organisations in a broad array of industries and business models have made rapid strides in the application and use of IoT.

Still, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have made considerably less progress in IoT utilization than large companies, as they often lack the necessary IT specialists or resources to commit to major continuing investments in new businesses.

To solve these problems, amnimo has launched amnimo sense, a service that packages a suite of basic features necessary for using IoT, available in user-friendly installments of as little as one month. Rates for the service are determined by the context it is used.

The advantage of amnimo sense is that it packages the features necessary to implement IoT from installation to operation, including data collection, communications, operation, monitoring, security and more in the basic service.

This comprehensive package makes amnimo sense easy to connect, use quickly and easily with no specialised knowledge.

To ensure security, each gateway of a customer who purchases amnimo sense is issued a unique digital certificate, which is installed at the factory before it is shipped. After shipment, the digital certificate is issued automatically by a simple activation performed by the user, establishing safe data communications.

According to a statement, amnimo will continue to expand the service menu for amnimo sense, adding a wide range of new hardware such as devices and sensors as well as application programming interfaces (APIs: frameworks for sharing software features).

Developed exclusively by amnimo, the endpoint devices adopt an energy-saving design that enables them to continue acquiring data over extended periods of time.

Apart from that, a wireless communication protocol that covers a wide area with low power consumption that is used in IoT communication networks.

Some potential users of amnimo sense may lack a specific idea of which devices to use to acquire data or how to apply the services.

“For such users, amnimo has posted on its website a series of use cases for amnimo sense, listing the devices required and the sequence of steps to build the system for each. We call these use cases “IoT recipes,”” the company said.

This recipe notifies operators by e-mail alert when an electrical leak occurs, to prevent electrical shocks and other accidents.

These sense recipes can be found at

So far, amnimo has published 15 recipes and it plans to continuously expand the list with the addition of further recipes.

Subscription to and use of amnimo sense is available from amnimo’s e-commerce website at: