Malaysians are no more gullible

Where is the efficiency and effectiveness of our immigration department?


IS OUR beloved country Malaysia in a mess? According to the Immigration DG Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud, a total of 575,292 Bangladeshis are in Malaysia on Temporary Employment Visit Passes as of Oct 31 this year. What does this single issue indicate?

It does not require rocket science nor academic excellence to figure out the efficiency and effectiveness of our immigration department. If a single issue is not managed well, how will the other issues be flaring, but hidden.

Having angry, hungry overstaying immigrants is a security and safety risk. The robbery and other criminal activities happening in Malaysia can be correlated to the presence of the huge number of illegal immigrants.

Why does the government want to take proactive measures to get rid of them from this country?

The government by now knows the problems we are facing economically and socially, but keeping these numbers of illegals does not reflect nor augurs well of good governance.

Everything seems to be moving downward with the recent downgrading to Category 2 of our civil aviation under the Transport Ministry — putting us under the category of Ghana and Bangladesh.

These will have a cascading implication on the supply chain and restrictions imposed on our airlines’ routes, code sharing etc, costing billions of dollars of losses.

With all such issues and many more at our backyard, we seem to have become the laughing stock regionally and internationally, but our rhetoric of becoming an Asian tiger is continuing.

Malaysians are no more gullible to political rhetoric as the recent by-election result in Johor obviously indicates. Let us walk the talk to prove to all Malaysians, irrespective of political divide, that we are a serious government who sincerely wants to clean up all the negative messes of the previous government, and the new government that won the election with the pomp and pageantry is only a stunt but true to its election manifesto.

KT Maran

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