Apink sizzles at Lazada 11.11 Super Show

The night was especially meaningful for Malaysian Pink Pandas as it was Apink’s first performance in Malaysia for the year


THE recent Lazada 11.11 Super Show could be likened to a New Year’s Eve Celebration — in November that is.

It was an epic event that offered quite a bit of everything for everyone, but the cherry on top would certainly be the Korean-pop (K-pop) act, Apink.

For the uninitiated, the six members of the popular group are Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that at least 90% of the crowd that attended the event last Sunday night was anticipating the performance of the girl group.

The night was especially meaningful for Malaysian Pink Pandas (Apink’s fans) as it was Apink’s first performance in Malaysia for the year, after the group’s last concert here in September 2018.

Knowing full well the influence the group has with the audience, local celebrities Shuk, Ebby Yus, Shiha Zikir and Elly Mazlein also plugged in quite a bit about Apink in their RinggitPlus promotional sketch before the Korean stars finally made their appearance.

It was a smart move as it certainly got all the right reactions from the Pink Pandas who came in droves to watch their idol’s performance at the Plenary Hall of Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

Save the Best for Last
Apink’s appearance was at the last segment of the show, which was around 12:30am.

Fazura (second from left) with two male models having a battle of wits for Nutox

The fans, who had been waiting for almost four hours before, did not seem to mind as it was worth the wait.

Needless to say, Apink delivered quite a show.

The group started with their hit “Mr Chu” which was released in 2014. The song peaked at No 2 on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100, and was the eighth best-selling digital song for the year, according to Gaon’s year-end chart.

Apink has also won six music show trophies for “Mr Chu” alone.

The group then proceeded to sing a more recent song “I’m So Sick”, which was released last year, before a short interview with the hosts Fiza Sabjahan, Haziq Hussni and Sean LJE.

The hosts taught Apink how to say I love you in Bahasa Malaysia. Yoon immediate turned to the fans and said “saya cinta kamu”, making them go wild.

Son said the group was so excited to be on the Lazada 11.11 Super Show and thanked the organisers for inviting Apink.

“It has been a long time since we met our fans in Malaysia. We really miss you. Thank you so much!” she added.

Apink then performed the last song for the night, “Luv”, which debuted at No 2 on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart in 2014 (and stayed there for two weeks).

“Luv” scored Apink’s first three triple crown wins in South Korea’s music shows namely the MTV The Show, Music Coreand Inkigayo.

Apink received 17 trophies in total with “Luv”, which is still the highest number of wins for a single song by a girl group.

It is no wonder every fan knew the song and was able to sing along during the performance.

Jung did not forget to thank Pink Pandas before leaving the stage.

Still the Talk of the Town
Despite Apink’s short visit and performance, the group left quite a good impression and great memories for the fans even days after.

Among the moment fans are still talking about is the red carpet bit when Jung taught emcee Natalie Hussein a famous Korean slang.

“In Korea, teenagers like to come out with shorter forms of long phrases by taking the first syllable of each word.

“In this case, the term cha man chu is quite famous these days. It means to recommend someone to meet or date someone naturally, rather than going on blind dates,” Jung said.

Apink members also got the fans thumbs up, particularly for their modesty, by respecting Malaysian culture as the performance was being shown live on TV3 official YouTube channel, Xtra (xtra.com.my), tonton and the Lazada app.

The members were dressed in long pants, with less seductive choreography during “I’m So Sick”, a far cry from their original dance sequence.

Super Show an Annual Event?
Last year, Lazada and TV3 had invited a K-pop group Kard, for its Lazada 11.11 Super Show, along with other A-listers to entertain the fans and buyers.

Media Prima Television Networks CEO Johan Ishak said the Lazada 11.11 Super Show has been proposed to be an annual event.

“We are more than happy to have Lazada on board with us to deliver this huge shop-a-tainment campaign.

Hael Husaini is one of the performing singers at Lazada 11.11 Super Show

“With last year’s success, we got our viewers excited with the most anticipated performance of the night, Kard. This time around, we are lining up more local and international celebrities, especially Cinta Laura Kiehl and Apink,” he said in a statement.

This year’s show also featured Meer Fly, Zizi Kirana, K Clique, Black, Haqiem Rusli, Ismail Izzani and Bunga.

Fazura also made a special appearance in a segment sponsored by Nutox. Also part of the show was Andi Bernade, who sang his hit “Donde” as well as Naim Daniel who performed “Sumpah”.

Hael Husaini’s segment featured 20 models in Carlo Rino’s collection, while a rap battle by Haziq, Sean, Sofea and Izzi was also featured.

Other big names include Ayda Jebat, Siti Nordiana, Hujan, Man Bai as well as Cinta Laura.

This year, more established brands joined Lazada to celebrate the One-Day Biggest Sale including Carlo Rino, Description Nestlé Lactogrow, Nutox, Nano White, Samsung, Touch ‘n Go, RinggitPlus, Citibank and Photobook.