PayHalal and MRSB on e-commerce platforms

by BERNAMA/ pic credit:

PAYHALAL, the Shariah-compliant payment gateway by Souqa Fintech Sdn Bhd has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Brunei-based Multipro Resources Sdn Bhd (MRSB).

In a statement, Souqa financial technology CEO Ja’afar Rihan said PayHalal and MRSB have mutually agreed to form an alliance to tap on each other’s strength.

These include halal endeavours in the supply chain facilitation, certifications and compliances, financial services, online and offline trade hubs and marketing, as well as marts and convenience stores.

“We hope to be of assistance to MRSB in providing Shariah-compliant e-commerce platforms and services that will give both businesses and customers, especially but not limited to Muslims, peace of mind in their everyday dealings.

“We in turn, also hope to be able to stretch our wings, as the world’s first Shariah-compliant payment gateway, and tap into other markets beyond Asean’s consumer base in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Ja’afar added that this agreement would allow the company to penetrate the Asean+3 markets of China, Japan and South Korea.