63.3% corruption complaints involve public sector – Azam Baki


A study by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) shows 63.3% of the complaints received were on the public sector.

From the study conducted by MACC from 2013-2018 showed 42.8% of the complaints were on the procurement sector, 23.9% enforcement while 8.69% on licensing and permit and the three sectors contributed 75.39% of the overall complaints received by MACC during the period.

MACC deputy chief commissioner Datuk Seri Azam Baki (picture) said based on the commission’s investigation statistics issued by the Record Management and Information Division for 2019, there were 2,526 information on graft offences among civil servants which resulted in 480 investigation papers, 463 arrests and 145 charged.

“From the total, 424 information or 16.8% involved enforcement agencies which resulted in 119 investigation papers opened or 24.8% on civil servants resulting in 172 arrests and 49 charged in court,” he said when speaking at an anti-corruption programme at Labuan International School Auditorium today.

Azam also revealed the issue of corruption in marine enforcement and investigations by MACC found the problem had affected national revenue apart from causing the marine industry in the country to suffer while fishermen also faced falling income.

He said investigations and operations carried out by MACC found the modus operandi of this group began when foreign fishing boats were confiscated by enforcers for intrusion and fishing in Malaysian waters.

“The arrested boat skipper will inform the boat owner abroad on the location and name of the enforcement officer who apprehended them.

“The boat owner would contact a middleman in the country with the name of the enforcement officer and boat number.

“The middleman would in turn contact the commanding enforcement officer and arrange for a meeting to hand over the bribe.

At the same time, the commanding enforcement officer would order the officer who made the arrest to release the foreign fishermen in custody.

“MACC operations have yielded the arrest of 23 people including government servants, individuals and foreigners.

“A sum of RM1.949 million in cash was seized in the operations while RM2 million in various bank accounts were frozen,” he said.