Bleak outlook for Qabil to make olympic debut


THE dream of national equestrian, Mohd Qabil Ambak Mahamad Fathil (picture) to make his first Olympic appearance maybe in doubt after he was barred from entering Europe.

Mohd Qabil Ambak, 39, explained he was not allowed into European countries since the end of August after being found overstaying in the continent.

“I was unaware that I have exceeded my stay by about 20 days and was sent back home by Danish authorities at the end of August,” he said in a media conference yesterday.

His position as the top three Asian riders has given a glimmer of hope to Malaysia for a representative in equestrian at the Olympics in which the top two Asian riders would automatically qualify for the 2020 Tokyo games.

Mohd Qabil Ambak who collected 748 points in dressage, is now placed behind New Zealander Wendi Williamson (776) and Hwang Young-Shik of South Korea (773).

Following the issue, Mohd Qabil Ambak could only participate in 10 qualifying championships and could not join the remaining six qualifying competitions in Europe by the end of the year to pick up more points.

Another setback faced by Mohd Qabil Ambak is that his German breed horse, Delatio, which costs more than €1 million (RM4.6 million) is still in Denmark.