VMware’s digital innovations to help expedite Malaysia’s economic transformation


VMWARE Malaysia Sdn Bhd announced new offerings across cloud, modern applications and digital workspaces to boost the country’s economic progress.

Country manager Devan Parinpanayagam applauded the Budget 2020 initiative which will ease Malaysia into adopting the digital economy and embracing it in a very big way.

“We always look at it from a company’s perspective and when we talk to companies, we often talk about the need to transform and digitise.

“What the government did was very encouraging, and I am enthusiastic about it because it aligns with our role to help our customers whether they are the government or private sector,” he said in a statement yesterday.

VMware’s innovations will enable organisations to build, run and manage workloads on a consistent infrastructure across clouds, data centres and edge locations.

Another key goal is to increase employee engagement to unleash productivity — key capabilities that enable them to capitalise on the opportunities unlocked by Malaysia’s innovation-led economic growth.

Ever since the government implemented several reforms in 2018, Malaysia’s economy has advanced, moving nine spots ahead to 15th place among 190 economies worldwide in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 Report.

VMware VP and MD of South-East Asia and Korea Sanjay K Deshmukh said Malaysia is an important market for the company due to the many investments that have high potential contributing to VMware’s growth.

Sanjay said VMware has two strategies to achieve its adoption goals. The first is by mapping its customers in terms of where they are in the journey.

“We want to take them to an ‘end state’ which is a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud. The second is we want to transform their workforce and take them to a true digital workspace where the employees can work from any-where using any device,” he said.

He also said VMware is the digital infrastructure partner for many governments across the world. “Some countries will call it a government cloud. Not only that, we also work with a lot of citizens’services projects because these projects will usually involve devices and applications,” he said.

VMware plays an integral part in those projects by managing and secu-ring the devices as well as delivering applications to any devices.

With the backdrop of the government’s future-forward vision, VMware’s enhanced portfolio is set to help accelerate the country’s transformation towards becoming a high-performing “Asian Tiger” economy.

VMware’s innovations will simplify and protect how organisations manage systems and applications, build modern applications and measure the value delivered to employees.

The company also provides possibilities for enterprises to digitally transform their operations, improve produc-tivity and adopt new business models to stimulate competitiveness in the digital economy.

Moreover, VMware announced that it has completed its acquisition of Carbon Black — a leader in cloud-native endpoint protection — in an allcash transaction for US$26 (RM108.94) per share, representing an enterprise value of US$2.1 billion.

The company’s COO Sanjay Poonen said Carbon Black brings an industry-leading endpoint and workload security platform with a cloudnative architecture.

The Carbon Black platform will bring a fundamentally new paradigm to the security industry and deliver a highly differentiated intrinsic security platform across network, endpoint, workload, identity, cloud and analytics.