Some 21,000 students get new school supplies from Yayasan Petronas

Every child should be given a chance to pursue quality education for a better future and to get out of poverty, says CEO

by TMR

PRIMARY school students from low-income households across Malaysia will soon receive school supplies for the 2020 academic year under Yayasan Petronas’ Back to School 2019 (BTS 2019) programme.

The identified students from low-income families will each receive a school bag, tumbler, poncho and stationery along with two pairs of school uniform, and a pair of socks and shoes.

CEO Lita Osman said: “This is our largest nationwide outreach since the programme started 17 years ago. We are glad that we can help 21,000 students prepare for their school next year. We hope that by removing one of the barriers that students from low-income families often experience, they will be motivated to stay and finish school.

“Every child should be given a chance to pursue quality education for a better future and to get out of poverty. These children can one day improve their lives and that of their communities.”

According to recent reports by the Education Ministry (MoE), school dropout rate in Malaysia have declined slightly from 0.34% to 0.29% between 2014 and 2017, and the MoE aims to further reduce the rate to 0.27% in 2019.

BTS 2019 will run from mid-October to November 2019, supported by more than 800 Petronas volunteers who will be selecting school uniforms and shoes for the children, packing and delivering the items to schools.

One of the volunteers, Saeksarn Sinnaso Pla Set said it is hard to imagine that children opt out of school because of the lack of proper shoes or uniforms.

“It may not seem that much to some, but to those struggling to ensure that their kids stay in school, it is a much-needed aid. I’m so glad to be part of something that would make a difference,” he added.

Petrosains will also be conducting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics workshops at selected schools.