Didian Realtor launches digital marketplace for property agents

The platform allows real estate agents and negotiators greater access to developers’ product offerings, says Chow

by NUR HAZIQAH A MALEK/ pic credit: mydidian.com

DIDIAN Realtor Sdn Bhd has launched Didian, a real estate marketplace aimed at helping property agents generate more income by digitising the sales process.

The platform allows real estate agents and negotiators greater access to developers’ product offerings, Didian Realtor director Chow Nam Kit said.

With nine projects by eight property developers in Malaysia currently, the marketplace offers a property inventory worth almost RM1 billion in gross development value (GDV).

It was developed in response to issues such as finding the right project to sell, cashflow problems and paperwork, which have been identified as the reasons for agents and negotiators leaving for industries.

“We identified three pain points for agents and chose to develop our marketplace around this to make it easier and convenient for their work,” Chow said at the launch in Selangor yesterday.

The marketplace will matchmake projects with agents and negotiators based on preferences such as location and expertise.

It also features digital booking, real-time data access and commissions status tracking, and supports back-end administrative processes.

“Selling property is not as straightforward as getting a shirt that you can get from an online marketplace.

“Property still needs the human touch involved between clients and developers, and that is why agents and negotiators are needed,” Chow said.

For agents and negotiators, the marketplace offers a seven day-express commission scheme payable from the date the share-purchase and loan agreements have been signed.

During the 10-month testing phase, 300 agents used the marketplace and secured transactions worth RM300 million in GDV.

Moving forward, the application will be able to connect developers with approximately 20,000 negotiators throughout Malaysia.

Didian Realtor also aims to help younger negotiators secure sales by working alongside well-known developers.

“During the next few months, we hope to grow exponentially within the Klang Valley, and by year two, we hope to expand our footprints across the key cities in Malaysia, as well as reach 10,000 negotiators,” Chow said.

However, the company will focus on growing the platform before expanding to include more projects.

“We are also not looking at sub-sale properties at the moment, and mostly focusing on primary ones,” Chow added.