The major shifts in Apple’s iOS 13 — what’s new?

The new software update introduces a bold new look, with major improvements across the entire system, says Apple


APPLE Inc has finally rolled out its highly anticipated iPhone operating system, the iOS 13 update to millions of iPhone users across the globe.

On the very day iOS 13 was released to the public, Apple also made an impromptu release of the updated version iOS 13.1.

Noticing the sheer number of bugs being reported in the iOS 13, Apple managed to push the release of iOS 13.1 to Sept 24, earlier than it was expected.

The iOS 13 software update is out in the market and people have a mixed reaction to its overall feature and performance.

One Twitter user identified as @attiya_babar wrote: “The iOS 13 is the best software update in the history of software updates!”

Another user named @LaiJai98 wrote: “I have updated my iPhone to the iOS 13. This new function is quite interesting to use.”

Conversely, Twitter has also been flooded with backlash and staggering amount of criticism of the software update, as it is just full of bugs.

“Anyone else having problems with their touchscreen since the iOS 13 update?” a user named @hevans111 asked on Twitter.

Another user identified as @midnightmiss111 wrote to Apple on Twitter, “the iOS 13 is too slow when installing an application. Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem?” According to The Verge, an American technology website, apps randomly crash when users open them right after installing the new software update.

“The cellular signals drop, the camera app is very slow, pictures have randomly gotten new dates assigned to them, while the text field flips out sometimes in iMessage.

“We have run into a lot of significant bugs,” the website warned in a review of the iOS 13.

These issues have led to many users abstaining from updating their software to the iOS 13, while many felt the issues were immediately fixed by Apple through the launching of iOS 13.1.

In Malaysia, an eagle-eyed user named Hafifi Hafidz was quick enough to point out that he noticed something different with our Jalur Gemilang icon on the latest iOS update.

Hafifi tweeted that the current flag of Malaysia emoji had gotten the position of the red and white stripes wrong. reported that the user had tweeted the issue to Apple CEO Tim Cook and tagged Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to grab his attention.

Later, Dr Mahathir also filed an official iOS report to Apple, resulting in the flag of Malaysia emoji being updated to the accurate version in the latest version of iOS 13.1.

Despite the mixed reactions on social media, the iOS 13 is one of the most awaited software updates of all time, as Apple announced there would be some major changes to look forward to.

Apple stated on its website that the iOS 13 introduces a bold new look, with major improvements across the entire system that will make iPhone function faster and more efficiently.

Here are some of the best new features iPhone users should take advantage of in iOS 13.

The Dark Mode

The previous versions of iOS did not officially support the dark mode, something most iPhone users wanted on their device.

The long-awaited dark mode has finally arrived in the software update, and it gives the phone an overall elegant and shadowy look.

According to Apple, the mode was thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on the eyes and allow people to use their phone in the dark.

Users can easily set the dark mode to turn on and off according to a fixed schedule — such as light mode after sunrise and dark mode after sunset. Additionally, the dark mode also helps users to save battery life.

Now, users can also customise their memoji according to their appearance, to get the right look or personality

The All-new Photos Tab

The photos tab is similar to every phone’s photo gallery, however in iOS 13, the photos tab is curated as a library of pictures to help users find and share their photos and videos easily.

Apple stated that through this feature, users can relive their significant moments in days, months or even rediscover their highlights in years.

The photos tab also plays muted live photos and videos as users scroll down the phone, which brings the photo library to life.

There are also animations and transitions which will keep the photo library more interesting, as it flips like a physical photobook.

Siri Messages

iPhone users no longer have to physically pull out their phone to read the messages.

Through Siri’s support, headphones with Apple-designed H1 chip, like AirPods and PowerBeats Pro, can get “announced messages” instantly.

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, will read any incoming messages out loud as soon as they come in.

Although it may sound a little intrusive, Apple asked their users not to worry as Siri only announce messages from certain senders, like their “saved recents” or just their contacts.

Quickpath Keyboard

The iOS 13 is installed with a new QuickType keyboard where users can type a word by swiping their fingers from one letter to another letter without lifting it from the keyboard.

It also has automatic language dictation where the feature detects which language a user is speaking in.

So far, the keyboard supports English, simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese which was included recently.

The language will be chosen from the keyboard languages enabled on the device, with a maximum of four allowed.

Redesigned Maps

Many users claim the maps feature in the iOS 13 is far better than Apple’s previous maps.

The new maps app has been rebuilt from the ground up by Apple, to provide significantly more improved and realistic details of roads, buildings, parks and much more.

Apple has added a feature called “Look Around” for users to get a three-dimension experience of the location.

This feature offers a 360-degree view of a place, which gives smooth and seamless transitions as people navigate their way around.

Silence Unknown Callers

Tired of unknown callers? Apple has got you covered with the new silence unknown callers feature.

With this feature, users can go to their settings page and turn on this mode to avoid getting any unknown incoming calls.

According to Apple, users can send any unknown callers straight to their voicemail box by ignoring them in the background.

Users, however, will have to check their schedule before enabling this feature to avoid ghosting any important calls.

Memoji Stickers

For those who love using icons, smileys or emojis in texting, this is a major update, as Apple has generated sticker packs of characters to express a range of emotions.

Users can also customise their memoji according to their appearance, to get the right look or personality.

The feature supports 30 new hairstyles, accessories such as headwear and sunglasses, as well as cosmetics to enhance the look of their memoji.

All iPhone devices with an A9 chip, or later, support the memoji sticker packs.