Govt addresses Foodpanda riders’ strike


THE Human Resources Ministry (MOHR) has intervened and is in the process of investigating the ongoing issues between Foodpanda Malaysia Sdn Bhd and its riders.

After the company introduced its new service fee scheme that allegedly reduces the riders’ income, most of the latter went on a strike. Accordingly, the ministry met with several Foodpanda riders on Sept 30 for more information on the issue.

The Department of Federal Development director and officials from the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia have also met with the management yesterday afternoon at the company’s office for clarification.

MOHR said it will ensure there is a win-win situation for both sides and act accordingly to protect the welfare and interest of employees under the emerging gig economy in Malaysia.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman had also voiced his concern on the matter and has invited the riders and the company to his house for an open dialogue.

He met with Foodpanda’s top management to raise several issues including the survival of the riders especially after the introduction of a new payment scheme; the different payment schemes in Klang Valley compared to other states; and the riders’ welfare in the wake of implementing new schemes.

Foodpanda management has pledged to re-evaluate its schemes if the riders’ welfare is severely affected by it.

The matter will also be raised at the upcoming Cabinet meeting.