AmBank helps SMEs build green business with BizM.A.T.E.

The programme will help SMEs manage their businesses from the ground up

by TMR

AMMB Holdings Bhd (AmBank) has launched AmBank BizM.A.T.E. at the final chapter of its BizConference Beyond Financing Series which covered the topic “Building a Green Business” last Friday.

Traditional businesses spend the majority of its time handling operation matters manually and this affects its efficiency and productivity.

Hence, AmBank has teamed up with its partners of different disciplines to provide products and services relevant to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia with the aspiration to help them grow in the most cost-efficient manner.

AmBank Group CEO Datuk Sulaiman Mohd Tahir said the AmBank BizM.A.T.E. programme offers customers different products and services that may come in handy to help SMEs grow.

“With AmBank BizM.A.T.E., SMEs can now enjoy products and services at a special rate which will potentially help them run their businesses more efficiently,” he said.

One of the benefits of the AmBank BizM.A.T.E. programme is that SMEs will be able to manage their businesses from the ground up with the right assistance through AmBank’s various product lines.

It gives SMEs an opportunity to digitise their business at a lower cost by paying less for products and services offered by AmBank’s partners and increase their productivity by digitising some of their office administrative tasks such as human resources functions and book-keeping.

AmBank BizM.A.T.E. also gives SMEs greater visibility of their business and allows them to make quicker decisions, while always staying connected with their customers and suppliers.

There are 17 partners to-date across five different categories, namely accounting and human resource; communications & Internet; payments and marketing; operations and administration; and logistics and workspace.

The Beyond Financing Series is part of the bank’s continuous efforts in supporting the growth and development of SMEs in Malaysia.

The series covers four key topics that are relevant to today’s SMEs — embracing the Internet of Things, halal business, digital marketing and branding, and building a green business.

Prior to this session, three out of four series entitled “Embracing Internet of Things”, “Halal Chapter” and “Digital Marketing and Branding” received overwhelming response and were successfully held on May 14, June 20 and July 9 respectively.

“This session will provide valuable insight for SMEs in the country to apply a feasible framework in building a green business as part of our initiative to improve environmental performance and quality.

“With the present concern about the environmental impact, SMEs should play their role and make efforts to go green in their business operations. Sustainable and responsible green business practices must be adopted by all of us,” Sulaiman said.


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