Sri Aman fire station faces water shortage


SRI AMAN – Sri Aman Fire and Rescue Station personnel are facing water shortage problem in their peat fire dousing operation which is into its third day today.

Sri Aman Zone 3 chief Nik Mohd Afiq Nik Roslan said currently the main constraint is the dwindling water supply due to very hot and dry weather.

“We have received information from the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) that the reservoir water level has also receded to a critical level.

“Water from fire hydrants too have decreased. Moreover, the low pressure has made the operation more difficult,” he told Bernama when met at a fire extinguishing site in Kampung STC here today.

As part of our action plan to fight the fire at Kampung STC, our men are arresting the advance of the fire with fire breaks with the use two excavators.

“The excavators will plough the land to create a boundary (ditch) and check the spread of the forest fire.

“The same fire-fighting action plan is implemented at Jalan Kejatau-Sri Aman with the deployment of three excavators and six firemen,” he said.

In addition, Nik Arif said other challenges faced by his team was the massive forest fire which has spread to areas which were difficult to access as there are no roads.

Since yesterday the Sri Aman Fire Station was assisted by 15 firefighters and an officer from Kuching Fire Station.

The fire has affected a 25-hectare site in Kampung STC and is raging through a 42-hectare area at Jalan Kejatau-Sri Aman.