Malindo Air introduces more meal choices

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WITH the discontinuation of complimentary meals and snacks, Malindo Airways Sdn Bhd has announced that for travel effective Oct 15, 2019, passengers on its economy class will have the flexibility of choice over their in-flight meal selection.

This would include 10 culinary choices of Oriental, Indian, Western and local cuisine at a pre-purchase price of RM10 (on-board price at RM15) per meal from its in-house catering facility.

A variety of snacks have also been introduced for both pre-purchase and on-board purchase.

Malindo Air CEO Chandran Rama Muthy said the flexibility to select meals gives the airline the opportunity to save on cost and pass on the savings to its passengers without compromi- sing on safety and security.

“Providing this flexibility and savings also means our passengers continue to enjoy our signature extra legroom and in-flight entertainment,” he added.

Pre-purchase snacks and hot meals must be ordered 24 hours before departure.

For passengers who are unable to do so, they can still purchase the meals, snacks and beverages on-board during the flight.

Currencies accepted on board are the ringgit, Australian dollar, US dollar, Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah and Chinese yuan. For international flights, alcoholic beverages are also available for sale.

“Focused on driving comfort, we are also introducing our newly improved ‘Get Comfy Kit’ effective Oct 1, 2019, at a pre-purchase price of RM25, which gives you RM5 savings from on-board purchase.

“The ‘Get Comfy Kit’ consists of a fleece blanket, stereo earphones, neck pillow, earplugs and an eye mask,” Chandran added.

Malindo Air passengers can also pre-purchase baggage and seat selection online up to four hours before departure.

Travel insurance can be purchased up to two hours before departure. All these can be done through their “Manage Booking” on, call centre or at the airline’s airport and city ticketing offices.