Razie confident training in NSI assists in overcoming extreme weather


THE national hockey squad are confident they can overcome the challenges of extreme weather in Canada or Europe in the final qualifying round to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games through training in the altitude and environment chamber at the National Sports Institute (NSI).

National defender Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim (picture) believed training using the environmental simulation chamber could enable an athlete train in a different altitude to prepare the squad.

“We have started training in the altitude chamber which is very helpful to acclimatise to cold weather or different altitude. The duration of training in the chamber differs according to the player.

“Some players who had been injured, have longer training sessions in the chamber. This is because those who had trained there could recover their fitness faster after recuperating from the injury before starting training in the field,” he said.

NSI had earlier said the altitude and environmental chamber was specially designed to control the carbon dioxide and oxygen level apart from altering the weather conditions and temperature to as low as -25°C, while the cryotheraphy lab — or better known as ice laboratory — can be used to heal athlete’s injury faster.

The Malaysian Tigers will be facing either Germany, Great Britain, Spain, New Zealand or Canada in the draw scheduled in Lausanne Switzerland on Sept 9.

Except for New Zealand, the other countries will be having winter in which the temperature in Canada can reach 5°C when the final qualifying round is held at the end of October to early November.

The 32-year-old penalty corner specialist is confident the national squad could overcome any team if all players display the performance as desired by chief coach Roelant Oltmans in the final test to end Malaysia’s 20-year drought to the Olympics after qualifying for the edition in 2000.

“Coach Roelant has studied our weaknesses and shortcomings during our European Tour and the 2020 Tokyo test championship in Japan last month. For me, our combination in the European Tour was good.

“It does not matter which team we are meeting as long as we know what we should do during the match. I think we should be focusing on our own performance,” he said.