Finas urged to hold more dialogues with film industry groups


COMMUNICATIONS and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo yesterday advised National Film Development Corp (Finas) to hold more dialogues with specific groups involved in the film industry in the country to find out the problems they may be facing.

He said these dialogues are important because the issues that each group may be facing can be different and such discussions can help solve the problems.

“Have more (dialogue) sessions with the specific groups from now on. The music segment, for example, groups lyricists, songwriters and singers.

“This will ensure that each group is accorded attention and no one is left out,” he said during the Finas Town Hall Series 1 with film industry activists at the Finas Merdeka Studio Complex in Kuala Lumpur.

He also suggested the country’s film industry players to find the best mechanism to solve each issue that they face.

“The film industry players have two options — resolve problems in the short term or establish a strong and durable structure for problem-resolution in the long term.

“So, they have to establish something sustainable for the future generations,” he said.

Gobind also said he will revisit all the legislations pertaining to the film industry to ensure their relevance to the situation today.

He cited the example of an Act which specifies that people with interests in the arts industry cannot be appointed to the Finas board.

“This is something extraordinary because these people with interests have their own roles in the industry,” he said. — Bernama