Liam Gallagher surprises fans with new single ‘One of Us’


THE meditative “One of Us” was written with Andrew Wyatt, and Liam Gallagher’s youngest son Gene played bongos for the track. Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner also collaborated on the song, which Liam Gallagher (picture) described as “expressing hope that a fractured relationship can be salvaged in the future”.

The British musician also revealed that “’One of Us” is about family, friendship, and a sense of belonging, adding that it reminds him of American R&B band The Sweet Inspirations.

“One of Us” is the fourth single off Gallagher’s upcoming sophomore album “Why Me? Why Not”, following “Once”, “Shockwave” and “The River.”

The gospel-inspired song is set to appear on Gallagher’s upcoming album, out on Sept 20.

The record was created in collaboration with Wyatt and Greg Kurstin, who both worked on Gallagher’s 2017 debut “As You Were”.

“I want the second album to be a step-up, because the hardest thing to do is to make something the same, only better. So that’s what we’ve done. It’s a better record than ‘As You Were’. Which is saying something, as that was epic, wasn’t it?,” he said in a statement ahead of the album’s release.

Next fall, Gallagher will also unveil his latest documentary film, “As It Was”, directed by Gavin Fitzgerald and Charlie Lightening, in the US. — AFP