Teach benefits of palm oil in primary schools, says Minister Kok


PRIMARY Industries Minister Teresa Kok (picture) said educating Malaysians on the benefits of palm oil should begin in primary schools to complement the efforts by Cabinet ministers to promote palm oil in their respective ministries and agencies.

She said all quarters including the media should work together to disseminate information on the health benefits of palm oil to defend the industry from Europe’s anti-palm oil propaganda.

“I am made to understand that there is a need for a review of the curriculum, then only can all this (syllabus on palm oil) be included (in textbooks).

“But I am not so patient — I hope all this can be expedited as we are now facing a trade war with western countries that are spreading lies against our palm oil,” she told the media after closing a community education and Love My Palm Oil carnival in Cyberjaya yesterday.

Kok said many Malaysians are still unaware of the benefits and uses of palm oil.

“I was told that there are oil palm growers who buy cooking oil originating from Europe when Europe itself is blocking the entry of our palm oil into their markets.

“That’s why we need to correct all this. The media can also play a role by highlighting palm oil’s benefits to readers and viewers,” she added.