MACC urges politicians with access to public funds to declare assets

by BERNAMA/ graphic by MZUKRI

THE Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday urged all politicians who have access to public funds to declare their assets in an effort to prevent corruption.

MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya (picture) said this will avoid allegations that a politician is involved in corruption.

“I also urge every state government…to have not only the state executive councillors (excos) but also the state assemblymen and local councillors to declare their assets,” she told reporters after witnessing Selangor state excos take the corruption-free pledge at the monthly assembly.

Mentri Besar Amirudin Shari led the councillors in taking the oath and signing the pledge.

Latheefa said it is necessary for the state assemblymen and local councillors to declare their assets because Selangor has a huge source of funds and, thus, the opportunities for corruption are greater.

“States such as Selangor have huge resources and it (Selangor) is among the richest states, and access to public funds is also high,” she said.

Asked about a recent statement by former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak that he disagreed with the government’s initiative to require MPs, including from the Opposition parties, to declare their assets as they also had other sources of income besides the parliamentary allowance, Latheefa said the declaration is to make it fair for all MPs.

She said every MP is encouraged to declare all sources of income, even if they are donations or property inheritance.

“We want to be fair to you. If you have other sources of income besides the allowance, you better declare. We do not declare only property but also liabilities.

“This is the basic step to fight corruption and it is for your own good to declare so that the people do not misunderstand,” she said.

In a separate Bernama report, Latheefa revealed that half of the corruption cases involving civil servants in the country were committed by those aged 40 and below.

She said most of them were from the procurement sector.

“The MACC statistics show that 46.3% of the 4,860 individuals detained from 2014 to June this year were civil servants.

“Meanwhile, 53.4% of the 4,860 individuals detained by the MACC for the same period are young people, aged 40 and below,” she added.

She said a study carried out by the MACC also found that 22.1% of civil servant respondents said they were willing to accept bribes if they had power or position.

She said such attitude must be corrected so that corruption among civil servants could be eradicated.

“This matter needs to be rectified immediately. It demands the commitment of all parties to cooperate with the MACC in addressing this matter,” she said.