Nora Anne’s body found

by TMR / pic AFP/Quoirin Family

THE body of Nora Anne Quoirin (picture) was found near a waterfall about 2km from the resort where she vanished 10 days ago and triggered one of the country’s largest search and rescue (SAR) operations in recent times.

A white-skinned body was discovered by trekkers at 1.57pm yesterday near Gunung Berembun.

At around 9pm last night, her family members confirmed the identity of the body to be that of Nora Anne’s.

A postmortem examination will be conducted at 10am today by a senior pathologist from Kuala Lumpur, Negri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop said.

The SAR team, who had been combing thousands of acres of thick jungle for the 15-year-old girl with learning disabilities, was dispatched to the location near a river.

Forensic teams were rushed to the location while authorities sealed the resort after news of the body’s discovery.

The body was found in an area not easily accessible by foot and had to be winched out using a helicopter.

Reports said the body was intact and had no clothes on. It was flown to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban, where the identification process took place.

Nora Anne was believed to have wandered off from the Dusun eco-resort despite the family’s initial claims that she could have been abducted.

Her parents found their daughter missing from her bedroom on the morning of Aug 4 with the window of her room left open.

Authorities used helicopters, sniffer dogs, drone, divers, heat detectors and Special Forces commandos to assist in the search for the Franco-Irish Nora Anne. News of her disappearance had also captured global attention, especially in the UK.

About 350 people had joined the operation covering thick jungle, steep ravine and difficult terrains. Policemen from England, France and Ireland were also helping local police in the investigation into her disappearance.

Nora Anne vanished a day after the family had arrived in Negri Sembilan and checked in at the resort for a two-week holiday.

Her mother Maebh Jaseprine Quoirin, 46, had offered a RM50,000 reward for any information leading to the teen’s return. She said the reward had been donated by an anonymous Belfast-based business.

Local shamans and bomoh had also volunteered to assist in the search to find Nora Anne as there were local tales that she could be kidnapped by guardian spirits or penunggu in the area.

Meanwhile, more than £94,000 (RM476,030) has been donated on a page set up by Nora Anne’s aunt, while another site set up by her uncle, which allowed donation in euro, has raised over £15,000. According to BBC, the money is intended to cover expenses incurred by the family during and throughout the operation.

Born with a disorder that affects brain development, Nora Anne was said to be “not independent and does not go anywhere alone”, and “has been vulnerable since the day she was born”.