MACC returns with MACC Mania X — The Goodbye Tour

Self-dubbed ‘the comedy event of the year,’ 12,000 tickets have opened for sale across 11 locations on

Every year for 9 years now, this comedy troupe has adopted tongue-in-cheek themes for their shows

MACC, which in this case refers to the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians and not the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, is returning for their annual series of shows.

Every year for nine years now, this comedy troupe has adopted tongue-in-cheek themes for their shows like “Planet of the Apeks”, “I Want to Touch a Douglas”, and “Now That’s What I Call Jokes Vol 8”.

Themed “The Goodbye Tour”, 2019 marks two historic moments for the group. “MACC Mania X” will be their 10th and final tour as MACC, and this will also be the first time the group goes on an international tour.

Purveyors of stand-up comedy all over Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia will have the opportunity to catch these guys together for the last time.

The Goodbye Tour is produced by Two Funny Productions, a venture of Jason Leong and Kuah Jenhan.

Established to support stand-up comedy in Asia, the duo has brought shows by Rishi Budhrani and Fakkah Fuzz, and has plans to bring more world-class comedy talents to Malaysia.

The brainchild of Douglas Lim, the original MACC was formed in 2009 when he decided to break out to become a comedy headliner.

He pitched the idea of MACC to Phoon Chi Ho, who was then a regular at TimeOut KL’s Comedy Thursday with Kuah. Af ter a unanimous ag reement, they performed their first show in that same year, over two weekends. They sold out on the second weekend, and the group has sold out ever since.

In 2011, the trio spotted Leong at another session of TimeOut KL Comedy Thursday. Douglas invited Leong to join the group after the show, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lim said the Goodbye Tour will be the group’s final tour before they take a break and explore other solo projects.

“Writing a new show every year is both exciting and demanding. While we thoroughly enjoy it, perhaps it is wise to stop for a while to reflect and reenergise.

“I think we can expect quite a few personal stories in addition to our comedic ob s e r vat ion s and commentary. All I’m saying is, it might get emotional,” he added. Self-dubbed “t he comedy event of the year,” 12,000 tickets have opened for sale across 11 locat ions on www. Within 24 hours, an unprecedented 1,500 tickets have been sold.

There is a 10% early-bird discount for the Kuala Lumpur shows and RM10 off for the rest of the Malaysian shows. Earlybird rates are applicable up to a month before the tour kicks off, or until early bird seats sell out. Visit www.maccmani for the complete ticket price list.

Tour dates are Sept 12 for Penang, Sept 19 for Johor Baru, Sept 20 and 21 for Singapore, Oct 11 for Kota Kinabalu, Oct 12 for Kuching, Oct 26 for Hong Kong, Oct 31 for Brisbane, Nov 1 and 2 for Sydney, Nov 7 and 8 for Melbourne and Nov 9 for Perth.

The grand finale in Kuala Lumpur will be held at HGH Convention Centre on Nov 15 and 16.