UEM Edgenta HQ gets Common Ground enterprise solutions


UEM Edgenta Bhd has collaborated with Common Ground Works Sdn Bhd to introduce co-working facilities for its headquarters in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

The contemporary-styled co-working areas, which span across 1½ floors in Menara UEM, are Common Ground’s biggest “enterprise solutions” deal with a corporate entity in Malaysia.

“Common Ground has carried out several enterprise deals before, such as with Amazon Web Services and Cenergi SEA Sdn Bhd, but (the deal with) UEM Edgenta is the biggest we’ve ever accomplished to date, and we are incredibly proud of this collaboration,” Common Ground co-founder Juhn Teo said.

He said Common Ground’s enterprise solutions will allow larger corporations to have the opportunity to benefit from the synergy created by a co-working community.

Common Ground’s enterprise solutions are designed to power large teams of 50 or more people and give large companies a dedicated space tailored to meet their exact business needs.

It is a platform that enables companies to benefit from Common Ground’s vast community while enjoying the privacy of their very own venue.

UEM Edgenta’s Common Ground space is not open to the public. However, the 1,020 UEM Edgenta members will have untethered access to Common Ground’s daily events, partnership benefits, social and business network and its interactive mobile app.

As an enterprise solutions client, UEM Edgenta has the liberty of plugging into a vibrant community, working at any Common Ground location of choice, while enjoying an independent home-based office venue.

UEM Edgenta MD and CEO Datuk Azmir Merican (picture) said the company was keen to initiate the partnership to offer its employees a modern, collaborative and functional working environment.

“Our goal is to improve organisational excellence and the co-working space model is ideal to spur a new and more progressive culture among our employees. As a company, we have diverse and agile project teams working daily on innovative and value creation projects.

“This new feature will increase collaboration among our project teams and is ideal for us to attract the new and younger generation of working professionals, while positively elevating our employer brand in today’s competitive talent market,” he said.

Azmir said UEM Edgenta’s investment for the project was for the renovation works.

“It wasn’t an outlandish figure. We worked out something with Common Ground based on the design and we thought the figure was reasonable and within our budget per sq ft,” he said.

The facility features unique co-working spaces with dedicated desks, meeting rooms, private call booths, lounges, a café, and “The Grounds” — an open and versatile area where UEM Edgenta’s employees can work, socialise and hold events.

These components are signature Common Ground features that are adjusted and tailored to meet a company’s exact business needs.

Beyond the physical aspects, Common Ground operates the programming of UEM Edgenta’s co-working facilities, along with curating a multitude of business and lifestyle events catered for its employees only.

From software to hardware, these solutions help companies save on office space, operation and upfront costs, and provide them with the connectivity and network they need to evolve their business in an ever-changing economy.