This is Misha — this girl has turned into a woman…

The concert at DFP was her 1st solo outing in her 17 years in the business, and one of the most anticipated events in the music lovers’ diary


THE tickets for the concert were priced rather heftily, but sold out within just a day.

Now, that says a lot about Misha Omar, a singer who is known for her prowess in belting out emotional ballads and love songs.

The concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) was her first solo outing in her 17 years in the business, and perhaps one of the most anticipated events in the music lovers’
diary. Misha did not disappoint. Her fans who attended her “This is Misha” concert went home happy as the singer led them on a journey via all her hits and favourite tunes.

The concert kicked off with a medley of Cinta Adam dan Hawa and Sembunyi — both written by the late Rosli Khamis, better known as Loloq, and the fans knew that they were in
good hands.

Having Datuk Ramli MS as the music director and main keyboardist was also a treat. The camaraderie between Misha and Ramli were apparent throughout.

Their interaction was rather amusing, one might add, with anecdotes and personal stories that added a certain air of honesty throughout the show.

Their banters were natural and unscripted. The bit about Ramli calling Misha “lembu” when she was still very green, had the audience in stitches.

Misha also shared many personal stories, including the time her voice was affected by her first pregnancy.

Apparently, she had to get help from vocal coach Datuk Syafinaz Selamat to improve her technique.

“I want to learn how to sing with ease,” was Misha’s request.

The next song was Sampai Bila, her most recent work that also won her Best Vocal Performance award at TV3’s Anugerah Juara Lagu earlier this year.

One would assume that the song might be easy for someone like Misha, but the song proved to be a test to the singer’s vocal agility that got the crowd rather excited.

The concert was certainly a personal and intimate moment for many of her fans who looked pretty pleased with everything that Misha shared with them.

The musical journey continued with a medley of Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam hits — Ku Seru and Pulangkan.

Ramli candidly said Misha was being “vulgar” for naming the title of the films which featured the two songs.

Adding to the magic that night were other great talents including second keyboardist Ude Wahid, drummer Azim “JenK” Ali, bassist Penn, guitarist Izwan Omar and back-up
vocalists Mattao and Ajude.

Misha’s Repertoire Continued
The next song that followed was Nafas Cahaya which was composed by Datuk M Nasir.

“At that time he wasn’t a Datuk yet, so I called him abang…and I asked him if I could sing a song by him. He said ‘You know I don’t write for women singers, right?’

“It’s a good thing that I got a hold of his wife, and she somehow got him to write it for me,” Misha said.

Words for Nafas Cahaya were written by Loloq while the arrangement was done by Ramli who also acted as the song’s producer.

The simplicity of the set up somehow made the performance more powerful and moving

The song, which has a strong hint of traditional Malay and Hindi influences, was described by Nasir as a song that would only fit Misha.

By the time she moved to another ballad, Dedebu Cinta, her fans were already hypnotised. A happier song, Jawapanmu, later followed after a longer chat with her fans. She said
singing sad songs was tiring, but she had to continue crooning them because the crowd loved it.

“See, when you sing sad songs, they kind of just pull at your face muscles too, you know?” she said, which had cracked the audience up.

Her anecdotes were also pretty funny, like the time when she was still dating.

“If Doraemon existed, I would like to go back in time and slap that old Misha, because she wouldn’t stop talking about her boyfriend,” she said.

As the concert progressed, she moved into heavier songs like Semoga Abadi and Riwayat Cinta, which took on a slight twist with its brand new arrangement.

The song were slower and they showcased Misha’s raw vocals backed by minimal accompaniment.

Misha said that the initial arrangement was supposed to be with the acoustic guitar, but it did not work.

“So this arrangement was decided at the last minute. We worked it out over the phone, me and Tok Ram,” she said.

The simplicity of the set up somehow made the performance more powerful and moving.

While her fans were still reeling with emotions, her last song was the one that got everyone really exhilarated.

“Tok Ram is tired of hearing me sing this song,” she said, and everyone decided to join her singing her epic trademark song Bunga Bunga Cinta.

The experience was rather overwhelming, one might add. The entire hall sang along and that encapsulated Misha’s 17-year journey in the music industry.

It was also apparent that Misha had grown into her own person who was very comfortable in her own skin.

Will there be more of her? Well, it is safe to say that Misha certainly still has a long way to go…