Just another interesting day at court — revelations upon revelations as Ahmad Husni takes the stand


AS THE trial enters its 50th day, with former Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah (picture) in the witness stand, more revelations and claims were made which might shed more light on the former prime minister’s (PM) trial involving RM42 million in SRC International Sdn Bhd funds.

Here are among the highlights of the day:

• Ahmad Husni told the High Court in Kuala Lumpur yesterday that he personally met with Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak more than 20 times to voice his concern over the country’s administration, including on the RM4 billion loan by SRC International from the Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP).

• He said he would meet and discuss with Najib if he found something was wrong and involved the (then) PM. “If something was wrong, it should be fixed,” he said, adding that the Cabinet meetings which he attended rarely discussed matters to approve the proposal for the government to issue guarantee letter for SRC International loans.

• “When I was minister of finance II, discussions in the Cabinet were rare. Mostly, they (Cabinet members) just agreed with what was tabled. One person tables and the rest agree. That’s the reality in the Cabinet, except matters pertaining to 1MDB,” Ahmad Husni said.

• Ahmad Husni said he did not object to SRC’s second application for a government guarantee of RM2 billion loan from KWAP in 2012, because he knew “there was nothing he could do”, and that he was not in the country when the second loan application by SRC was tabled and approved by the Cabinet.

The High Court also disallowed any question pertaining to the allegation of sexual harassment involving Ahmad Husni during the trial of Najib.

Justice Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali made the ruling after hearing arguments from deputy public prosecutor Datuk V Sithambaram and counsel Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

Sithambaram said he objected to the question pertaining to the matter as it was scandalous and irrelevant to the case, while Muhammad Shafee contended that his line of questioning was meant to determine

Ahmad Husni’s credibility as a witness, therefore it was highly relevant to the case.

In his ruling, Justice Mohd Nazlan said: “On the issue of the sexual allegation, it is scandalous in nature, so I disallow any question on it.”

Earlier, Ahmad Husni told the Court that he believed Najib initiated sexual harassment and corruption allegations against him in 2016 for enquiring about 1MDB and SRC International.

Muhammad Shafee questioned Ahmad Husni about a document containing Najib’s speech in Parliament on Oct 24, 2016.

In the speech, Ahmad Husni complained that after he voiced out his concerns about the way 1MDB was managed, he was hit by various serious allegations such as graft and a sexual harassment claim by one of his female staff.

Muhammad Shafee: That was why you were upset?

Ahmad Husni: Yes.

Muhammad Shafee: You associated it (the sexual harassment claim) with Najib?

Ahmad Husni: Yes.

Muhammad Shafee: On the sexual harassment allegation by your own staff, you think Najib was behind the sexual harassment report made against you by your own female staff.

Ahmad Husni: Yes.

Muhammad Shafee: There was a police report lodged against you?