Grab to reimburse 5% fee refund in phases


GRAB Malaysia said it is refunding the additional 5% fee to all its driver-partners who had chosen to manually accept jobs after July 11 in phases following late refund claims by drivers and the Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association (Mehda).

Grab said the reimbursement was done in phases, due to large amounts of active driver-partners on the roads.

The ride-hailing firm also explained the 5% fee was important to reduce unexpected situations and maintain the balance in supply and demand.

“As we are regulated by the government, it is crucial that we comply with the regulation requirements, while ensuring that we continue to maintain a balance in supply and demand on the platform.

“When the regulation (cap on commission) was first introduced last year, one of the first changes we made was to introduce the 20% commission to all driver-partners who chose to auto accept all their rides,” it said.

“That was important to reduce unexpected situations and maintain the balance in supply and demand as we serve the daily commuting needs of everyone”.

Grab also said the new ruling will now ensure all pickups are conducted fairly, so no driver is stuck with ano-ther’s ignored job.

However, Mehda’s president Daryl Chong said Grab did not honour its words to refund the extra 5% to driver- partners by Aug 5.

“Regardless what, at the end of the day, 25% from the ride was being taken out. It was also more than 48 hours since Aug 5, and the drivers told me they had not received any refund,” he told The Malaysian Reserve.

“Despite that, the 5% fee is still being included for the drivers who manually accepted booking, who, in fact, already had 20% commission taken from them,” he added.

Chong urged the Ministry of Transport to look into this matter, as the e-hailing operators are only allowed to charge a maximum of 20% commission to its drivers.

Previously, drivers taking jobs had two options when they begin each day, to accept any job that comes in, referred to as auto-accept or drivers who choose trips called manual accept.

Auto-accept drivers had 20% commission taken from drivers but manual ones had 20% commission charged a plus 5% fee to safeguard and compensate other driver-partners each time a ride was ignored or cancelled.