3 Malaysians, 3 love stories, 60 years of MINI

by TMR

EVEN with its latest models showing off highly sophisticated technologies, MINI has always given Malaysians a nostalgic feeling.

At the mention of its name, one would picture a 1963 Austin MINI zooming through traffic.

Even millennials would go through great pains to look for old MINI cars, parts or collectibles.

In conjunction with MINI’s 60th Anniversary, MINI Malaysia celebrated three “MINIacs” who shared their first MINI love stories and how the iconic brand has played a meaningful role in their lives.

Kelvin Kok, a Malaysian tattoo artist and family man, recounted the first time he was introduced to a MINI after hearing the then MINI tagline: “Go with Your Gut”.

The very next day, he did exactly that. Fast forward to three years later, the Kok family were the proud owners of the MINI Clubman and a fully restored 1996 MINI Kensington.

Mooq recounts the great bonding moments spent with his late father restoring a custom-built classic Austin MINI pickup

Kok confessed his love for the engine’s powerful roar and said he had found a family in the MINI owners’ community.

To strengthen his love for the brand, Kok related MINI’s long-revelled heritage with the classic Mandarin saying: “Never forget your roots.”

Wan Muqarram Sidek or Mooq, as he liked to be called, recounted the great bonding moments spent with his late father restoring a custom-built classic Austin MINI pickup.

Mooq’s father wanted his son’s first car to wear the iconic British Racing Green coat with a 1.3 single-point injection engine sitting in its core, running on 13-inch wide wheels and most importantly, sporting wooden grilles.

Living by his old man’s wise words, “a man of class is a man who takes care of classic cars,” Mooq named his pickup “Papa Mooqs” and thinks of him on every drive. For Lee Siew Hon, a fun and agile MINI is made better with a dose of attitude.

Instead of keeping his MINI parked at home, he believes that the car was built to be driven and he takes his MINI out as much as he can — up mountain roads on weekends and to work on weekdays. Lee is not just in love with the performance of his one-of-a-kind MINI GP, but he also loves the heritage of the brand and the story behind it, making his relationship with his car extra special.

MINI has always been a conversation starter, the life of the party and a timeless piece of the automotive history.

Sixty years have proven that the MINI spirit has gone from strength to strength, having been a part of so many lives across the globe.

More MINI love stories can be found on MINI Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #MINILOVESTORIES.