Russian plane evacuated due to ‘smell’, two hospitalised

by AFP/ pic by AFP

MOSCOW, RUSSIA • Two people were hospitalised Friday after an Armenia-bound plane was evacuated in Moscow following a strange smell and smoke in the cabin, the airline and airport officials said. 

The early morning flight operated by Russia’s Nordwind Airlines had to be aborted during takeoff after a “foreign smell” on board the Boeing 737, the company said.

The crew used emergency slides to evacuate the passengers — 162 adults and 11 children.

Citing the plane’s commander, Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport where the incident took place, said there was smoke in the cabin but no fire.

Five passengers sought medical help and two were hospitalised, Sheremetyevo said.

The plane was replaced but 28 passengers refused to continue their journey.

In May, 41 people were killed when a Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing and caught fire at Sheremetyevo. 

The tragedy involved the Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot’s Sukhoi Superjet 100.