The Malaysian Reserve launches revamped daily

The 12-year-old daily has been given a facelift and is envisioned to deliver content that would better suit the market’s current demand


IT IS a new beginning for The Malaysian Reserve (TMR), with its launch of the revamped version of the newspaper yesterday.

The 12-year-old daily has been given a major facelift and is envisioned to deliver content that would better suit the market’s current demand.

TMR ED Zulkifli Othman said the disruption in the media industry has forced the media house to rethink on the distribution of news in order to stay relevant.

“The media industry today is a shadow of itself as people change the way they receive information,” he said in his speech during the launch at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

The launch ceremony was formalised by TMR chairman Mohamad Abdullah, Zulkifli, editor-in-chief Mohamad Azlan Jaafar and COO MV Swaminathan.

The launch was also attended by over 200 guests, including the newspaper’s close associates and partners.

The revamped TMR is an upgrade from the previous 20-page version. TMR now offers 40 pages that include a vast array of information on government policies, corporates, international news, life and arts, as well as sports.

In addition to the Klang Valley, TMR has expanded its reach to Negri Sembilan and Melaka with a total of 15,000 copies being distributed daily.

The newspaper is also expected to extend its reach to Johor and Penang in the near future.

Despite the smaller size, Zulkifli said the newspaper will not lose its shine in serving reliable news from trustworthy sources.

TMR has improved to spread its journalism brand to a wider audience. It has shrunk a bit to make it easier for readers to hold. It is smaller, but all the good stuff is still there,” he said.

In the age of trust deficiency in the media industry, Zulkifli believes that TMR is still deemed as a trusted name to its loyal readers.

TMR has loyal followers who appreciate how we take the matter of things to help them to make up their own minds. This philosophy has gotten us into hot water a couple of times before, but it also has brought us to a good place,” he added.

TMR will be available at news stands beginning Monday, July 15, retailing at RM1.80 per copy.