More opportunities after retirement, says KWAP


THE global phenomenon of an ageing society can be a double-edged sword.

Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) CEO Syed Hamadah Syed Othman said this can be a celebration for Malaysia’s good healthcare accessibility, while on the other hand, it may also pose as a challenge to the government and the economy.

He said this in a press statement following KWAP’s first “Pesara Aktif Berkerjaya” workshop in Cyberjaya, where over 200 pensioners participated.

The workshop was part of the pension fund’s initiative to facilitate pensioners who want to return to the workforce.

“Aligned with the government’s 2019 budget formulated for the ageing society, we urge the pensioners to view this as a business opportunity,” Syed Hamadah said.

He also said pensioners can monetise their time, given the right expertise and tools, as their lifetime savings and pensions may not be sustainable throughout the rest of their lives.

“There need to be a proper avenue to assist them in finding the right job which fits their previous experience, capabilities, as well as interests to ensure that they are well sustained,” he added.

Institute of Teacher Education employee and future retiree Tahir Nurudin, 59, said the workshop served as a good opportunity to acquire insightful learnings for the future.

“It will be a good idea if this workshop continues on for the benefit of future retirees as well,” he said.

The workshop’s attendees consisted of 132 local public sector retirees and 75 future pensioners. Over 100 participants registered with a post-retirement job specialist, HireSeniors, after the workshop.

Currently, the local life expectancy is estimated at 75 years old, giving an average of 15 years to live after Malaysia’s official retirement age of 60.

KWAP’s MyAgeing Report on retirement preparedness and productive ageing last year showed that present and future government retirees can be harnessed as economic resources, even after leaving the public sector.

KWAP introduced the “Pesara Aktif Berkerjaya” workshop to assist pensioners of all sectors to explore re-employment opportunities.

It will also assist pensioners who need additional income or those who simply want to give back to society with the skills and experience that they have.

KWAP had also launched its enhanced version of the MyPesara mobile app last November.

Through the app and the workshop, it plans to continue and reinvent the retirement experience by providing a services suite via a digital platform and face-to-face assistance.