The National 5G task force to brief policymakers on 5G this week


The national 5G task force will brief policymakers and stakeholders on 5G benefits this week.

The 5G Framework Enhancement Workshop to be held on June 27, targets to create awareness among policymakers in the country about the benefits of 5G, as well as generating new ideas on how to implement 5G use cases in various sectors.

It is also aimed to identify challenges in policy-making or regulatory framework for 5G.

Under the national 5G task force are four working groups, namely Business Case, Regulatory, Infrastructure, and Spectrum Management and Allocation.

The task force chairman Datuk Mohd Ali Hanafiah Mohd Yunus said various plans have been discussed by each working group in the task force.

“Among the achievements of the Task Force include an increase in its membership, organising the 5G Malaysia Showcase, industry readiness in 5G implementation as well as various plans discussed by each working group,” he said.

Mohd Ali added that industry players have also shown their readiness in working closely together to ensure the success of the inaugural 5G Malaysia Showcase in Putrajaya held last April.

“Among the latest 5G technologies showcased include autonomous self-driving car, drone for emergency 1st responders, holoportation, remote surgery, and precision farming,” he said.

Mohd Ali said all of the task groups have started work and are busy preparing their findings in the various areas of concern relating to 5G.

“These findings include performing technical assessments, confirming suitable use cases and business model potential, as well as facilitating policy recommendations towards a more systematic 5G planning,” he said.

Meanwhile, a spectrum study is also being carried out to ensure readiness and availability for 5G implementation, while a call for 5G Malaysia Demonstration project collaboration will be announced in the near future.

Industry players are invited for the collaboration to propose projects under verticals such as Agriculture, Automotive, Education, Media and Entertainment, Health, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Smart City, and catering for the differently-abled.

MCMC plans to engage with various ministries to further discuss potential collaboration in 5G technology, which accounts for one of the critical steps taken to ensure that the introduction of 5G to the country can be realised by the end of 2021 or 2022.