Sensorflow expands into Malaysia

SensorFlow, the smart IoT solution for hotel room environment management has officially launched in Malaysia.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, SensorFlow’s solution monitors, analyses and automates hotel room environments to optimise energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Following its success and growth in other markets such as Hong Kong and Thailand, SensorFlow is expanding its services to Malaysia to empower more hotels to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability.

SensorFlow’s expansion to Malaysia follows their recent success, securing RM10.98 million (US$2.7 million) in Series A funding from private investor Pierre Lorinet in February 2019.

At the launch, Saikrishnan Ranganathan (Sai), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of SensorFlow said, “Global energy demand is increasing year-on-year and buildings alone account for almost half of global energy and carbon emissions. In particular, the tourism and hospitality sector accounts for 10% of global emissions, which has alarming impacts on global warming. However, at SensorFlow we believe that protecting the planet should not cost the Earth. With our smart automation solution, we see this as an opportunity to partner with hotels in Malaysia by providing an affordable, non-disruptive solution that allows hoteliers to better manage and conserve energy for significant cost savings.”

With SensorFlow, hotels can save up to 30% in energy consumption by automating empty guestrooms and reducing unnecessary wastage. This is achieved using state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) technology which supports an interconnected network of devices to monitor hotel room environments in real-time, including temperature, humidity, occupancy status and energy consumption.

When guests are detected to leave the room, SensorFlow’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software automatically increases the room temperature or switches off the air-conditioning to save energy. The data collected is also easily accessible to hoteliers on a web-based analytics dashboard, which also allows the remote control and management of all rooms.

With live, constant data monitoring of the hotel’s Heat, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system, hoteliers can move beyond reactive -and even preventive -measures to predictive maintenance strategies. Specifically, hotel engineer deployment can be optimised via timely alerts to poorly performing equipment, allowing rooms with faulty units to be investigated or blocked off immediately. This will ensure the best in-room experience for guests while saving hotels up to 40% on maintenance costs.

The data collected is valuable and provides key insights and trends on room occupancy and guest behaviour, allowing hotels to optimise their housekeeping routes for zero guest disturbance and better plan on-site events and promotions for maximum guest spend -all while enhancing the overall guest experience.

SensorFlow’s unique profit-sharing model and wireless devices can be installed in under 10 minutes per room and hotels can easily retrofit the full solution at zero upfront cost with zero operational disruptions.SensorFlow’s entry to the market is aligned with Malaysia’s sustainability reform agenda as Malaysia is emphasising on green growth and sustainable development as a top priority for 2019 and beyond. Coupled with eco-conscious millennials that make up 50% of travelers today, SensorFlow’s smart green solution will help to drive the sustainability agenda across an expanding number of travel and hospitality corporations.

“Sustainable practice is an on-going process. The increasing demand and the growing number of green hotels speaks volumes about the huge impact of sustainable solutions -not only does it reduce our environmental footprint, green solutions can generate great cost-savings.

We also see a huge potential in Malaysia as more ‘green’ hotels are emerging. In fact, we are currently running trials with a few major hotel brands in Malaysia and they are impressed with the results of savings as high as 30% on energy costs,” added Sai.

In the last few months alone, SensorFlow has signed onabout2,000 room sacross Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore with another 70,000 in its sales pipeline across Asia. Notably, SensorFlow’s latest project saw the successful installation at the entire The Ascott Citadines,

Singapore,within just two days as well as the recent addition of Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali to their clientele. The start-up is focused on expanding its footprint to hit at least 800,000 rooms installed by 2022throughout the region. Committed to their vision of making smart buildings a reality, SensorFlow has plans on taking its smart energy management solution globally within the next few years. For more information and updates about SensorFlow, log on to