OnePlus aims to sell 5,000 smartphones in three months


OnePlus Technology Co Ltd, which recently launched its latest premium flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 7 Pro, is expected to sell 5000 units of the models within three months in Malaysia.

The China-based company, which currently serves markets in 34 countries, is also expected to expand its footprint wider in the country.

Mobile dealer Mobile2go director Chan Chee Fai said e-commerce platform Shopee has already committed to sell 1000 units of the model, and that has boosted the team’s confidence in reaching the targeted figure.

“People can pre-order on Shopee and there are some exclusive gifts and vouchers for those who order online,” he said.

He added the phones can be pre-ordered from May 21, 2019, till May 24, 2019, from Shopee and other dealers.

“The physical stores will have the phones available on May 30, 2019, and will depend on shipments after that,” Chan said.

He said that OnePlus is also currently working with 170 dealers across Malaysia, along with its plans to tie-up with telecommunication companies in the near future.

“We are talking to Celcom and Maxis right now, so we will see which deal comes through first. But it will happen soon, we’ve been in dialogues for the last two weeks and are in the process of sealing the deal,” Chan said.

He said the OnePlus 7 series will also be launched sometime in June 2019 but no price point had been decided on yet.

As for the OnePlus 7 Pro, Chan said the prices were set according to the Europe region, as they attempted to lower the prices of OnePlus 6 in preparing for the new smartphone.

“To make the market feel better, we set it at that. Right now the prices start at RM2999 up to RM4199” he said.

Meanwhile, some of the features that the new model will have is a ‘Zen mode’ option which allows users to only make and receive emergency calls, in an effort to relax.

The OnePlus 7 Pro also boasts of the largest display on a OnePlus phone ever, using a ‘fluid AMOLED’ display.

Chan said an interesting feature that’s been included is the front camera or better known as the selfie camera that pops up when needed.

“The images have proven to be very clear and the device was tested to ensure the durability. It also detects if the phone is falling and will immediately go back inside to avoid damaging it,” he said.