Abe says N. Korea missile tests broke UN resolutions


TOKYO • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (picture) said North Korea violated United Nations (UN) resolutions with its missile launches this month, putting pressure on the US to raise the issue with the Security Council.

Abe, who has long favoured a harder line against Kim Jong-un’s weapon programme, told a meeting of ruling coalition lawmakers yesterday in Tokyo that UN resolutions must be better enforced.

That contrasted with US President Donald Trump, who said “nobody’s happy about” the missile launches, but stopped short of declaring them a violation.

“Regarding the launches of short-range missiles by North Korea, they are a breach of UN Security Council resolutions and extremely regrettable,” Abe said.

“While cooperating closely with the US and other related countries, we are planning to tackle this appropriately by strengthening enforcement of related UN Security Council resolutions.”

North Korea conducted test launches on May 4 and May 9 — its first and most significant military operations since November 2017.

In another sign of reemerging tensions, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry yesterday condemned the US seizure of a ship suspected of carrying banned coal exports from the country. The ministry called the move an “illegal action of theft” that “violates the basic spirit” of the agreement reached between Kim and Trump during their first meeting last year in Singapore. — Bloomberg