Volvariella mushroom farmers 
in Kulim generate good profits


With an initial capital of not more than RM50 for each 4.5m cultivation medium, Volvariella mushroom producers in Sungai Kob in Kulim, Kedah, are now able to generate a profit twice the amount every month as their side income.

The patron of the Sungai Kob Volvariella mushroom farmers association, Ahmad Zaki Sabawehi, said the mushroom was cultivated by 12 members of the association since last month with a capital of as low as RM50.

“The association purchased oil palm waste bunches from a nearby plantation with a price of RM10 per tonne and made it into a crop medium in the form of planting beds, and (they) share the seeds and expertise in order to minimise the participants’ initial capital,” he told Bernama at the launch of the Volvariella mushroom project in Sungai Kob yesterday.

Ahmad Zaki (second from right) and the participants posing with their Volvariella mushrooms (Pic: Bernama)

He said every participant in the Volvariella mushroom project was able to earn between 1kg and 3kg a day from one plant medium, while the selling price of this mushroom is between RM12 and RM15 per kg.

Other than that, the mushrooms are planted organically without the use of fertilisers or any chemicals.

“This mushroom only depends on nutrients from palm oil bunches that are fermented for seven days after watering. Then, it will be sown in 30 days before it can be harvested every day for about 60 days,” he said.

The association said it will offer opportunities to those interested in the cultivation of the Volvariella mushroom in line with demand from big companies like coffee manufacturers.

“There were already demand for Volvariella mushroom from coffee manufacturers, however, we are unable to cater to their demand due to the large amount,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, Yusoff Shapie, 53, said since he started cultivating the mushrooms a month ago, he could see the potential of the crop yielding tremendous returns. He added that every day he harvests the Volvariella mushrooms twice, in the morning and in the evening. — Bernama