Home owners spend over 30% on kitchen renovations


HOMEOWNERS typically spend over 30% of their budgets on kitchen renovations, as it is one area of the home that incorporates various features such as plumbing, flooring and proper ventilation.

CIS Network Sdn Bhd president Datuk Vincent Lim (picture) told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) that based on previous studies, most homeowners will use bigger allocation for the kitchen area and bathrooms.

“Living room and bedroom are usually allocated about 11% to 15% of the budget and others are spent on other individual areas of the home,” he said at the opening ceremony of Home Design and Interior Exhibition (HOMEDEC) 2019 in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

According to Lim, currently, properties are built slightly smaller due to space constraint, but the kitchen has remained the most popular area where everyone gets together.

With exhibitions like HOMEDEC, Lim said homeowners would be able to find various options in terms of cost and styles that suit their needs.

“The exhibitors at the show are current, trustworthy and reliable, and have also many special deals to give out.

“Sometimes people make plans, but get ideas based on magazines or from the Internet. When you have an exhibition like this, you are able to come in, look at examples and talk to contractors. It is the best platform to help people decide,” Lim said.

HOMEDEC 2019 was launched yesterday and it will be held until Sunday, April 21.

Lim said he expects up to RM120 million business transactions from 400 exhibitors during the showcase.

“We have different strategies to encourage visitors this year. There are special events and line-ups for people to consider for their homes too,” he said.

Meanwhile, a first-time addition to HOMEDEC this year is a collaboration with HostAStay Bhd, where it will feature two units of its showrooms, themed “HOMEDEC Short Stay”.

HostAStay will also conduct workshops on transforming homes into short-term rentals or for makeover inspirations.

“We are very happy to collaborate with HostAStay this year, because they will not only be able to help out with the current trends, but also connect you to home-sharing platforms like Airbnb,” he said.

HOMEDEC 2019 will also feature “Live Kitchen”, an area that will showcase culinary programmes and food-tasting sessions with celebrity chef Martin Yan.